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Nilaqua Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser 500ml 1
Nilaqua Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser 500ml 1
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Nilaqua Antimicrobial Non-Rinse Body Wash 500ml

  • A beautifully cleansing and cleaning body wash that does not require water!
  • A perfect solution for camping trips and festival goers alike
  • Refreshing and neutral scent that does not overpower
  • A brilliant personal hygiene solution of those who cannot shower or bathe due to injury or disability
  • Kills up to 99.9999% of bacteria and germs on the skin
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No-Rinse Body Wash Formula for Personal Hygiene without Water

This incredible formula is perfect for anyone wanting to feel fresh and clean, without water! The non-rinse formula cleans the body and hands, removing 99.9999% of dirt, bacteria and germs without the requirement of water! So, whether you have no water in your home due to renovations or water supply issues, you are heading off on an outdoor adventure trip such as camping or mountaineering or you’re an avid festival goer – don’t forget your Nilaqua Antimicrobial Non-Rinse Body Wash!


Non-Rinse Body Wash Formula for Bedbound, Injured or Disabled Persons and Those Suffering Dementia

Whether due to a physical impairment, surgical procedure or psychological issue, many adults are unable to bathe unaided; sadly, this means their personal hygiene and care is neglected. It is a basic human right to feel fresh and clean, it can even affect your mental health if you are unable to maintain your personal hygiene standards. If you find yourself or someone you care for in this predicament, Nilaqua Antimicrobial Non-Rinse Body Wash is the answer.


Body Wash for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Sufferers Who Are Afraid of Water

This brilliant formula is a wonderful solution for adults suffering with dementia and Alzheimer’s. The fear of water and bathing is common in sufferers of these awful diseases, but as their carer you want to ensure their physical health and hygiene is looked after. Rather than trying to pressure them which can only exasperate things, why not try this lovely no rinse body wash instead?

How to Use Nilaqua Antimicrobial Non-Rinse Body Wash

Apply the formula generously to the body, gently massaging in to the skin to remove odours, and dirt. By massaging in to the skin for at least 30 seconds, the antimicrobial action will take effect and bacteria and germs will be eradicated, thus ensuring optimum personal health and hygiene for the user. Whilst the formula is still soapy, wipe off with a towel to leave the skin feeling and smelling lovely and fresh. You may expect to be left with a sticky or unpleasant residue, how could it possibly rinse off without water, right? Incredibly, the formula leaves no sticky residue at all! The skin is simply left feeling wonderfully soft and clean, with a gentle and neutral scent that will make the user feel fantastic.