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Maxhim Penis Extender Traction Device

  • Clinically proven treatment to improve the length and girth of the penis
  • Rigorously tested and made from medical grade hypoallergenic materials
  • See results within just a few weeks, reverse and prevent penile shrinkage due to diabetes and prostate surgery effectively.
  • Features a unique silicone strap for ultimate comfort
  • A safe, drug-free and medically approved treatment; also recommended for those who suffer from Peyronie's Disease
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Introducing the Maxhim® Penis Extender: Your Go-To for Satisfaction Below the Belt

Maxhim Penis Extender

45% of men are dissatisfied with their penis size. This can impact on both emotional wellbeing and sexual wellness.

A 2017 study from the Archives of Sexual Behaviour reported that 60% of those who were unhappy with their genitals also reported far less weekly sexual activity than those who were satisfied.

To increase mental and physical confidence, the Maxhim® Penis Extender is a safe, drug-free and clinically proven solution.


Can You Naturally Increase the Length of Your Penis?

Maxhim Penis Extender

The Maxhim® Penis Extender is an at-home device that uses the latest in sexual healthcare technology to allow the user to achieve and maintain a desired genitalia length.

It works by taking advantage of the body's natural ability to change and develop under physical influence. If the body becomes exposed to a constant, permanent stretch, the cells in the area begin to divide and multiply, increasing the tissue mass.


Is It Safe?

The Maxhim® Penis Extender uses traction therapy to improve the size of the penis. You may recognise similar examples of traction therapy in traditional African lip plates. Using traction technology is a safe, drug-free and clinically proven way of extending the penis and serves as a great alternative to penile surgery.

Made from medical grade hypoallergenic materials and rigorously tested, this at-home treatment device increases the length and girth of the penis after just a few weeks of use.

An Effective Treatment for Peyronie's Disease

Maxhim Penis Extender Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie's disease is a penile problem that is caused by scar tissue (called plaque) that forms inside of the penis. This can result in the penis becoming curved and bent, rather than straight. Most men can still enjoy sex with the disease present, but the physical appearance of the penis can be unsatisfactory.

Peyronie's can shorten the length of the penis if not treated quickly. It is estimated that it affects between 3% and 10% of adult men – up to 23% of whom fall in the 40-70 age group. That could equate to as many as 250,000 cases in the UK alone. The actual figure could be much higher, as men seldom discuss the condition due to embarrassment.  Surgery for Peyronie's is available, called Penile Plication it involves tightening the side of the penis opposite the curvature. This can result in the loss of length in the penis and knots where the stitches were being noticeable under the skin.

A penis extenders can be used for those suffering from Peyronie's disease to help realign and transform the shape of the penis. One 2008 trial using penile traction displayed very encouraging results. Ten patients were enrolled and underwent daily treatment using a penis extender for a minimum of 2 hours daily for 6 months. All patients saw a reduction in penile curvature with a mean decrease of 33% as well as increased penile length and girth. All but one patient claimed improvement in sexual function as well.

Diabetes and the shrinking erect penis

In diabetic men there is a bigger chance that there will be a decrease in the size of his erect penis, this may not be visible in the flaccid state. While both length and girth of the penis are affected, length is particularly affected. Using a penile traction device is safe to use to prevent penile shrinkage in diabetic men.

How can you prevent penile atrophy?

Penile shrinkage has been linked to taking certain medications, weight gain, smoking and aging.

  • Frequently a post op legacy of prostate surgery it is reported that over 70% of men have reduced length of penis following prostatectomy.
  • Medications cited in possibly causing penis shrinkage: Adderall, antidepressants, and antipsychotics, meds for an enlarged prostate and some hair loss medications such as Proscar or Finasteride.

To men concerned about keeping their penis healthy and functioning correctly we here at Maxhim would like to say Why not use a penis pump regularly to improve tissues in the penis, erection capacity, and maximise circulation and blood flow in your pelvic area? Combining use of a Maxhim penis pump together with daily penile traction will bring positive results for most men who want to prevent or reverse penis shrinkage safely - all in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

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