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Its you Babe - Prenatal Cradle plus

Bump support cradle with built in V2 gusset support to prevent the feeling that ‘everything is going to fall out’ down below

Provides outstanding comfort and muscle support/stabilisation during pregnancy

Eases back pain whilst supporting your growing bump

Award-winning patented design made from breathable, durable fabrics and recommended by doctors, midwives and nurses

Full range of sizes to comfortably fit women from dress size 4 to 30


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Expertly Designed Pregnancy Support Cradle with Adjustable Vulva Support

This outstanding pregnancy support has been hand-tailored to alleviate back pain, ligament straining, sciatica, and a multitude of other aches and pains that expectant mothers experience. Furthermore, it features a V2 support panel for vulvar varicosities, pubic swelling, or the feeling that ‘everything is going to fall out the bottom’. With a full range of sizes, it is suitable for women with a pre-pregnancy trouser size of 4 to 30.

With its incredible support capabilities, the It’s You Babe Prenatal Cradle Plus reduces strain and stretch on the skin as your belly grows which also helps to reduce and prevent stretch marks.

Pregnancy is an amazing experience, but you can never tell how your body will respond and you may find you are experiencing pain and discomfort in ways you didn’t expect.  Using a belly support such as the It’s You Babe Prenatal Cradle Plus is guaranteed to make your pregnancy experience a much more enjoyable one.

Reinforced Back Panel Improves Your Comfort and Support Gusset Alleviates Pregnancy Related Pelvic Floor Pain

By lifting your bump whilst never pulling down on the shoulders, this incredible support optimises your back and abdominal comfort without compromising other areas of the body. Let’s take a look at some of its standout features:

  • Gently improves your posture while easing an array of aches and pains
  • Surrounding support lifts weight from the pelvis improving circulation and reducing leg and ankle swelling
  • No need to remove when using the toilet
  • Suitable for wear with your regular underwear
  • Relieves pain caused by hip separation and symphysis pubis separation
  • Relives pressure on returning veins, improving circulation in the legs and ankles
  • Soft, flexible and comfortable elastics lay flush with the body making it really discreet under clothing
  • Open abdomen is cool and comfortable
  • Non-weight bearing shoulder straps do not pull down on the back
  • Recommended by healthcare professionals
  • Provides brilliant support during exercise
  • Supports and holds the hips and pelvic bones

The It’s You Babe Prenatal Cradle Plus provides adjustable compression to relieve pain, pressure and swelling from conditions such as vulvar varicosities, pubic swelling, organ prolapse of bladder and uterus, inguinal hernia, and genital lymphedema. It can be used during and after pregnancy to alleviate pregnancy-related issues down below. You can adjust the gusset support panel until you have the desired level of support.  

This essential bump support lifts your bump without compressing it and it is recommended by doctors, midwives & physical therapists for mild to high-risk issues and discomforts during single pregnancies. The abdominal lifting greatly relieves pressure on the back as the weight of your growing bump is supported by the reinforced straps, rather than just your spine. 

What Size It’s You Babe Prenatal Cradle Is Right for You?

The Prenatal Cradle comes in a range of sizes. The size you choose will depend on your pre-pregnancy trouser size, your current weight and the measurement around your waist where the belly support band will sit (please see images). If you are in the early to mid-stage of pregnancy and you are on the borderline between two sizes, you may wish to choose the bigger size to ensure you get full use throughout your whole pregnancy.



Trouser size (pre-pregnancy)

Current weight in lbs and stone

Support Band Measurement

XX Small

4 - 6

90lb – 125lb or;

6st 6lb – 8st 13lb

32 – 36” (81cm – 91cm)

X Small

6 - 10

125lb – 145lb or;

8st 13lb – 10st 5lb

34 – 40” (86cm – 102cm)


10 - 14

145lbs – 175lbs or:

10st 5lb – 12st 7lb

36” – 42” (91cm – 107cm)


14 - 18

175lb – 200lb or:

12st 7lb – 14st 4lb

39” – 45” (99cm – 114cm)


18 - 22

200lb – 250lb or;

14st 4lb – 17st 12lb

41” – 47” (104cm – 119cm)


22 - 26

250lb – 300lb or:

17st 12lb – 21st 6lb

43” – 50” (109cm – 127cm)

X Large

26 - 30

300lb – 350lb or;

21st 6lb – 25st

45” – 52” (114cm – 132cm)

If you are pregnant with more than one baby, we recommend the It’s You Babe Best Cradle which has been medically approved for pregnancies of multiples.