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Beurer BY80 Baby Scale 1
Beurer BY80 Baby Scale 2
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Beurer BY80 Baby Scale 4
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Beurer BY80 Baby Scale

  • Digital baby scales with curved weighing platform to determine baby’s weight 
  • Large LCD easy-to-read display on baby weighing scales 
  • Integrated hold function records the weight of wriggling babies 
  • 5g graduation and weight capacity 20kg 
  • Adjustable between kg/lb/oz (kilograms/pounds/ounces)
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Keep up to date on your baby’s weight; the Beurer digital baby scale gives accurate readings even when they’re wriggling! 

Becoming a mother is hard, stressful work; whether it's your first time or not! All this new mum stuff is quite overwhelming and exhausting; you’re not quite sure where to begin, right? The first few weeks (maybe even months – but that’s okay!) are going to be quite intense, so we’re here to help you if you’re feeling a bit unprepared. It is a necessity that you keep track of your baby’s weight; you need to be sure that your buttercup is growing healthily and these baby scales will help you every step of the way. 

Why is it important to weigh your baby? 

It’s crucial that you weigh your baby on a regular basis; it’s recommended that you should do this at least once a week up until 5-6 months. But do you really have time to go to the doctors to weigh your baby every week for 5 months? Along with juggling household chores, your older children and maybe whipping your partner into shape too, it might seem impossible! At least with these baby weighing scales you can weigh your cherub in the comfort of your own home – and you don’t have to get out of your pyjamas, result! 

What’s featured on the Beurer BY80 Baby Scale? 

With the Beurer baby scale, you can see for yourself if your little angel is losing weight or gradually stacking on that adorable, healthy chub. These baby scales will help you determine the weight of your dumpling, easily and safely; the baby weighing scale features a large curved weighing platform where you place your baby; with its automatic and manual hold function the scales are able to record the weight of even the wriggliest of babies. 

The BY 80 Baby Scale boasts a large digital LCD display (23mm) for easier and clearer reading. Ensuring your child’s safety, the feet are made from non-slip, abrasion-resistant rubber. You can also read your cherub’s weight in different measurements: kilograms (kg), pounds (lbs) and ounces (oz) so you can watch your baby’s weight in detail. It’s simple to use; just switch the scales on and place your baby on the scales. If you forget to turn them off (which will happen, trust us) these baby scales will turn off automatically.  

The baby scales run off 2 x AA batteries, so you needn’t worry about reaching any plug sockets! Perfect if you’re going on holiday, no need for a universal adaptor, hurrah! 

Our guide to your baby’s weight 

Are you feeling a bit bewildered about your baby’s weight? That’s okay, it happens to every mother! As long as your baby is gradually putting on weight then they should be healthy, but if you need a helping hand here’s our quick guide to your baby’s weight: 

1 – 6 months old 

From now until your sweetheart is 6 months old, it is likely that they will grow an inch a month and gain between 5-7 ounces (oz) a week. That roughly equals to 2 pounds (lbs) a month until they are around 6/7 months old. With the Beurer baby scales you can monitor your baby’s weight both in ounces and in pounds. 

6 months 

By this point your baby should be double their new-born weight, and every week they should grow half an inch and gain between 3-5 ounces a week, which is a steady 2 pounds a month. 

11 – 12 months 

Believe me, these months FLY by and your sweetheart will already be a whole year old! Now they should have tripled in their weight by their first birthday and they’ll be taking the first steps, these months will be the biggest rewards for all your super hard work!  

You’re doing great!

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ContentsBatteries included
Power2 x AA batteries
Guarantee5 Year Guarantee
Size550 x 310 x 53 mm