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Good Ideas Super Tanning Tropic Deluxe Sunlamp

  1. Sun lamp with filtered UV for safe tanning without burning
  2. Look and feel good all year round with a facial tanning lamp
  3. Alleviates Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)
  4. Provides light therapy for acne and eczema
  5. Automatic safety timer

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Experience the tropics from your living room with our deluxe light therapy sun lamp

Good Ideas Super Tanning Tropical SunlampWith our gloomy UK weather, you can spend all day wishing you were somewhere sunny. Pale, sallow skin and a dreary disposition are common on this rainy isle of ours, but the Super Tanning Tropic Deluxe Sunlamp will have you feeling like you live in the Caribbean! Its powerful glow will tan your skin with just a few minutes use per day.

This facial tanning lamp uses filtered UV rays to help you achieve that golden, radiant look without the risk of skin damage. Included in the box are two pairs of safety goggles for your protection – why not invite a friend round for a ‘beach day’ in your living room?

Your face tanning lamp comes with an instruction manual featuring several tanning routines for different skin types. Simply sit in front of the lamp for 10-30 minutes a day and you will see a difference! On the side of the lamp is a timer dial; set this to your required time and it will switch off automatically at the end of the session, leaving you to relax and enjoy the luxurious experience of home tanning.

The front of the lamp features memory knobs, which can be rotated to keep track of how many sessions you’ve had – being your own beauty therapist has never been so easy! Once you have completed your chosen tanning routine (in only 10 sessions!) all that is required to maintain your tan is one session of 30 minutes a week.


S.A.D. got you down? Blast your blues away with UV rays

A beautiful tan isn’t the only benefit of using the Tropic Deluxe Sunlamp. Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D., is very prevalent in the UK due to the large changes in light levels we see as the seasons change, with long, dark winters a yearly occurrence. This is reinforced by our busy lifestyles – many of us leave the house in the dark, work inside all day and then come home after the sun sets, leaving no time for us to be exposed to the sun! Sunlight has many benefits for your body; it maintains your circadian rhythm, which regulates body functions like sleep, appetite and energy levels – without sunlight these become disrupted and your quality of life reduces, leading to mood swings and depression. Sunlight also helps your body to produce a hormone called serotonin, often referred to as the ‘happy chemical’; it balances your moods, so a lack of it can lead to mood swings, loss of appetite, lack of sleep, loss of libido and ultimately depression.

So what can be done to combat this? While moving to Barbados would be nice, it’s not an option for most people! A commonly used remedy for S.A.D. is exposure to artificial sunlight in the form of a SAD light. Light therapy is recommended by doctors as an easy and effective way to conquer the horrible effects that Seasonal Affective Disorder can have on your life. By using the Topic Deluxe Sunlamp for around 30 minutes each morning, you can boost your body’s supply of serotonin and reduce your levels of melatonin, a hormone that causes sleepiness. You will feel happier and more energised as your body reaps the benefits of light therapy, all with the convenience of an at-home treatment.


Light therapy provides wonderful relief for acne, eczema and other skin conditions

Good Ideas Super Tanning Tropical Sunlamp dial

Having a visible skin condition can be terrible for your self-confidence; many people are plagued by acne, eczema or other conditions which make it hard to look your best and live the life you deserve. Light therapy is often used as a non-invasive way of reducing the unpleasant appearance and symptoms of skin conditions, by mimicking the effect the sun has on our skin. Exposure to powerful light slows down the cell growth and inflammation that causes and exacerbates skin problems.  For conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, light therapy can reduce itchiness and inflammation, as well as increasing vitamin D production – important for creating new, healthy cells.

Do you suffer from acne? This can be a very embarrassing problem that leads to low self-esteem and the desire to hide away. Light therapy for acne works by killing the bacteria on your skin that leads to redness and swelling and shrinking the sebaceous glands that produce oil on your face. Direct the Tropic Deluxe Sunlamp at your face for up to 30 minutes a day to see your spots and blemishes shrink away, without the need for expensive creams or medicines. Of course, there’s also the added benefit of the golden tan you will develop! Regain your confidence and show everyone your beautiful face with the help of our fantastic sunlamp.

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SKU / Product Code 10849
Brand Good Ideas

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sun lamp Review by John
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this sun lamp is big enough for me, I just wanted it for face and neck. You have to be close to it though. And follow the instructions, don't over do it, do what it says. I find it okay. (Posted on 22 October 2015)
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Hi, will this lamp help sad suffers? if so how long should they use it for?
Thank you Suzanne.
Hi, I'm looking at buying this product, can replacement tubes be ordered too for when they run out? Thanks
I got your product through an internet order. Super tanning RT8801. I didn't get any instruction file with it.
So, I understood about the timer. But what about the two meters in front?
What does the meter on the left and what the other one on the right?
I need your quick answer, please.
Jp, Paris.