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Phi-Harmonics EnergyDots Family Pack

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  1. Phi-Harmonics EnergyDOT Family Pack
  2. Protect the whole family from electromagnetic radiation
  3. 4x ElectroDOTs, 4x BioDOTs, 1x WiFiDOT, 1x AquaDOT
  4. Protection for home, school and office
  5. Save £65 on the EnergyDOT retail price!

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Protect the whole family from the electromagnetic pollution that’s all around us with this value pack of Phi-Harmonics EnergyDOTs

Your energy field (or electro-magnetic aura) is a complex combination of energy patterns that surround you at all times. Your aura is no myth. It is the make-up of your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing at any given time.

Do you feel as though you are tired all the time?

Do you struggle to concentrate; walk in a room and forget why you went there?

Do you feel you have a headache most of the time?

Do you feel you just ‘go through the motions’ of your day with no real energy or enthusiasm?

Do your family complain of similar symptoms; children with complaints of headaches; unexplained miss-behaviour; struggling to concentrate at school?

Phi-Harmonics EnergyDOTs are designed to change all this.

All of these, and more, are affects of the invisible pollution around us; electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and radio frequencies (RFR), also known as electro-pollution. These symptoms are often referred to as electro-stress. We are all exposed to electro-stress through our mobile phones, televisions, electrical appliances, road traffic, computers and Wi-Fi; at home, work and school.

For some people, exposure to this environment does not produce any symptoms but, in the long term, unidentified effects and symptoms may ultimately cause serious disease. Medical research shows that this pollution can contribute to diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

There is no doubt that we cannot avoid electro-pollution in the world today but with the Phi Harmonics Family Pack of EnergyDOTs, you can protect you and your family in many situations.

EnergyDOTs are small disks jam-packed with bio-information designed to harmonise, or suppress if you like, the electromagnetic radiation around us.

Each EnergyDOT contains bio-information designed to tackle specific forms of electro pollution.

Polycontrats Interference Photography shows energy levels before and after using a Phi-Harmonics DOTIn the picture above you can see Polycontrast Interference Photography Scans of a man before and after using a Phi-Harmonics DOT. In the first picture you'll notice an area of orange around his head, which represents low energy stress levels. In the second picture you can see the orange area has dissipated as the DOT has successfully boosted the energy field and created a more calming blue-green band of energy.

BioDOT – wear this EnergyDOT attached to the back of your watch, on your favourite piece of jewellery or in your wallet to lift and energise your own personal energy field. Feel energised, motivated and revitalised as the BioDOT protects you from electro-pollution and relieves electro-stress. Great protection for children too while surrounded by computers at school. Read more about the BioDOT.

AquaDOT – this EnergyDOT harmonises the effects of electro-pollution on water, returning it to its natural state as if fresh from the crystal clear springs. Treat your body and skin to fresh hydration – you can actually taste the difference! Read more about AquaDOT.

Wi-FiDOT – this EnergyDOT harmonises the radio frequencies emitting from your wireless devices such as your wireless internet router or mobile smart phone, without affecting the performance of the wireless equipment. Great for your Wi-Fi Router in the home or attached to you families mobile phones for assured protection. Read more about Wi-FiDOT.

ElectroDOT – this EnergyDOT is essential for mobile phones, laptops, games consoles, television, microwaves, hairdryers... the list goes on! The ElectroDOT protects you and your family from the immediate and long term health effects technology can have today. Read more about ElectroDOT.

This family pack from Phi-Harmonics is fantastic for full reassurance and protection for you and your loved-ones. The presentation box contains 4 ElectroDOTs, 4 BioDOTs, 1 Wi-FiDOT and 1 AquaDOT so the whole family can benefit.

And the best bit... you save £50 off the retail price of purchasing your EnergyDOTs separately! You could even share the benefits with friends and share the pack to spread the cost.

Just look around you right now at all the electrical equipment around you... you can’t avoid electro-pollution, but you can protect from it.

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SKU / Product Code 82478

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