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Phi-Harmonics ElectroDOT- Harmonise Electromagnetic Radiation

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  1. Phi-Harmonics ElectroDOT – Electromagnetic Harmoniser
  2. Protect you and your family from harmful radiation from electrical appliances
  3. Ease headaches & protect from long term poor health
  4. Electro-stress is medically recognised – don’t ignore it

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Scientists and medical experts now understand that electrical appliances and wireless devices significantly affect our health... Phi Harmonics now have the solution.

It is now recognised that all electrical equipment around us emits invisible pollution that can cause symptoms such as headaches, tension and tiredness and even contribute to long term health issues. The Phi-Harmonics ElectroDOT works to harmonise and suppress that pollution to keep you and your family healthy.

Televisions, computers, games consoles, mobile phones, microwaves, hairdryers... the list of electrical equipment that emits harmful radiation goes on. This electromagnetic radiation is also known as electro-pollution.

For many people, electro-pollution has a significant and noticeable effect on their health and wellbeing; tiredness, headaches, insomnia, tension, feeling ‘low’, the inability to concentrate. This effect is called electro-stress.

For some people, elertro-stress does not produce any symptoms but, in the long term, unidentified electro-stress may ultimately cause serious disease. Medical research shows that this pollution can contribute to diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Of course, we can’t avoid the technologies of today, nor would we want to! That’s what makes the Phi-Harmonics ElectroDOT a ‘must have’.

The ElectroDOT is a small disk, jam-packed with bio-information designed to harmonise, or suppress if you like, the electromagnetic radiation emitted from electrical equipment.

Simply by attaching the ElectroDOT to your television, mobile phone, laptop, you are protecting yourself and your family from the immediate and long term effects of electro-stress.

Take the evidence below resulting from research studies, undertaken by scientists at the Centre for Biofield Sciences, on the effect of Phi Harmonics tackling the effects a mobile phone has on our energy field.

Before & after

The orange tones are signs of a negative energy field associated with electro-stress, and the blue and green tones identify a positive and calm energy field. You can see that the energy field, specifically around the head (and most likely the side to which the participant holds his mobile phone) is significantly different with the use of Phi Harmonics for just 2 days.

You’ll feel a real difference from the ElectroDOT as it harmonises the gadgets we use day in, day out, leaving you feeling energetic, focused and revitalised.

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SKU / Product Code 82483

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how long do the phi biobands last for, and how often do you have to change them