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Phi-Harmonics Phi Bioband Energy Wristband


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  1. Phi-Harmonics Phi Bioband Energy Wristband- A band worn on the wrist
  2. Protect you and your family from electromagnetic radiation
  3. Feel energised, focused and revitalised
  4. Relief from regular headaches and tension
  5. FREE ElectroDOT worth £25!

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Lethargic? Tense? Rundown? The Phi-Harmonics Phi Bioband Energy Wristband really does revitalise your wellbeing.

Your energy field (or electro-magnetic aura) is a complex combination of energy patterns that surround you at all times. Your aura is no myth. It is the make-up of your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing at any given time.

  • Do you feel as though you are tired all the time?
  • Do you struggle to function until a little before lunch time?
  • Do you sleep but don’t feel rested?
  • Do you struggle to concentrate; walk in a room and forget why you went there?
  • Do you feel you have a headache most of the time?
  • Do you feel you just ‘go through the motions’ of your day with no real energy or enthusiasm?

The Bioband can change all of this!

All of these, and more, are affects of the invisible pollution around us; electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and radio frequencies (RFR), also known as electro-pollution. These symptoms are often referred to as electro-stress. We are all exposed to electro-stress through our mobile phones, televisions, electrical appliances, road traffic, computers and Wi-Fi; at home, work and school.

For some people, exposure to this environment does not produce any symptoms but, in the long term, unidentified effects and symptoms may ultimately cause serious disease. Medical research shows that this pollution can contribute to diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

There is no doubt that we cannot avoid electro-pollution in the world today but with the Phi Bioband Energy Wristband you can protect yourself and your family.


The Phi Bioband incorporates a magnetic strip jam-packed with bio-information designed to restore and rebalance your energy levels for improved vitality and wellbeing. By wearing the Bioband you can eliminate and prevent the affects of the pollution around you, anytime, anywhere; giving you more energy, greater concentration, better sleep, relief from tension and headaches.

What’s more, with your Bioband, for a limited time you get a free ElectroDOT worth £25! Your ElectroDOT can be attached, by the simple sticky-back design, to the piece of electrical equipment you or your family use the most for added protection. Attach it to your phone (mobile or land line), television, computer, games console, television, alarm clock, microwave, hair dryer, electric blanket... the possibilities are endless! The ElecroDOT works to harmonise and minimise the radiation from the electrical equipment around you, making your living environment a healthier place to be. You can read more about the ElectroDOT here.

Take the evidence below resulting from research studies, undertaken by scientists at the Centre for Biofield Sciences, on the effect of Phi Harmonics tackling the effects a mobile phone has on our energy field.

Before & after

The orange tones are signs of a negative energy field associated with electro-stress, and the blue and green tones identify a positive and calm energy field. You can see that the energy field, specifically around the head (and most likely the side to which the participant holds his mobile phone) is significantly different with the use of Phi Harmonics for just 2 days.

The Phi Bioband is a neutral design, comfortable to wear, and looks great. The Bioband is available in two sizes, medium and large, so you’re whole family can be protected; medium for children, teenagers and women with small wrists; large for most men and for women with medium/large wrists. Make a simple change today and feel a big difference!

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SKU / Product Code 82477
Brand Phi-Harmonics

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I'm a convert. Review by Jake
Product Rating
If like me you spend a lot of time around electrical equipment (im an IT engineer) or on phones etc these really help with harmonising the EMF waves that we are exposed to. I developed headaches and didn't know why, I have not suffered since I have worn this. Bit 'out there' for me, but I use it. (Posted on 29 January 2015)
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Still not sure... Review by KittyKat8
Product Rating
I suffer with bad migraines and I am desperate to try anything to help. I've used my dots for 4 weeks now and I have not suffered with a migraine. I usually have at least 1 a week, usually 2. So, this hippy-new-age stuff might have something in it. Desperate for a solution and I am happy with this so far. (Posted on 4 March 2013)
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(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)

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How is the bracelet programmed
Does it work like a magnetic bracelet
The picture looks like it works within our auric field similar to how crystals work with own bio magnetic field.