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Phi-Harmonics AquaDOT - Water Purification

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  1. Phi-Harmonics AquaDOT – Water Harmoniser
  2. Restores water to it's natural spring freshness
  3. Re-balances the effects of electro-pollution
  4. Enjoy fresher drinking and bathing water
  5. Refreshes wines, milk, and more!

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The AquaDOT strips water of electro-pollution back down to its natural freshness from the crystal clear springs.

Water is highly impressionable and not only takes on the shape of its surroundings, but also the energy that surrounds it – electro-pollution.

The electromagnetic energy triggers vibrations throughout the water particles, over time changing the entire structure of the water from its natural state of the fresh springs.

Obviously there is no avoiding this... but we can reverse it.

Simply speaking, the Phi-Harmonic AquaDOT is jam-packed with bio-information designed to restore and rebalance the structure of water... or any liquid for that matter!

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and radio frequencies (RFR), also known as electro-pollution, is all around so it makes sense that all liquids are affected; bottled water, tap water, milk, wine...

Imagine the vibrancy of drinking water straight from the fresh springs; the positive impact on your health, skin, energy. AquaDOT makes that possible.

And it’s not just us that AquaDOT can revitalise; a great way to see the impact AquaDOT has is to place one on a vase of cut flowers and enjoy them for longer.

The first place to use AquaDOT is on your drinking water; place an AquaDOT on your glass, cup, bottle, water filter or dispenser and you’ll actually taste the difference. Then just think of all the ways you use water (or even liquids or a high water-content) and add an AquaDOT.

Harmonise your taps, shower, garden hose... the possibilities are endless!

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SKU / Product Code 82479

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