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Wheelchair Handles


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  1. Easy to fix over your existing handles and makes pushing a wheelchair safer, easier & more comfortable
  2. Takes the pressure off the pushers wrists, arms and back
  3. Makes it a smoother ride for the wheelchair user
  4. Improves control and safety
  5. Fits most wheelchairs. Two grips included.

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Why is pushing a wheelchair so difficult?

Probably because the basic design of 'cane style' handle grips on a traditional wheelchair hasn't changed for hundreds of years. Refreshingly wheelchairs have changed for the wheelchair user - more comfortable they are also lighter, easier to move and some are even 'racier'. However when it comes to the handles nothing has changed. This means that the wrists of the wheelchair pusher are put at an odd angle, making it uncomfortable, but more importantly giving them less control over the chair which could be dangerous. This is exactly what Jonathan Chesner discovered when he took his wheelchair-using friend to the beach. Whilst his friend lived only five minutes from the beach, Jonathan found that pushing the wheelchair down to the beach and then back up the hill was a massive ordeal. He felt embarrassed that his pushing seemed to be amateurish and clumsy, let alone incredibly unsafe because the hill was very steep and he was afraid of losing control of the wheelchair. What's more, even though Jonathan was young and fit - he found that pushing required incredible strength, endurance and ability. On those walks, Jonathan started to hatch an idea of ergonomic wheelchair handles that would make pushing a wheelchair, regardless of age, size or strength much much easier...

Wheelchairhandles makes pushing easier and safer

Lets face it, the ergonomics just don't add up. How can anyone properly control a wheelchair with traditional 'cane style' handles because the wrists are at such a peculiar angle. What happens if the person pushing has mobility issues of their own? All these pointers contribute to an unsafe and difficult wheelchair outing.  Leisurely walks can feel clumsy and awkward - so mobility is again impaired - this is the time to try wheelchair handles and get out of that rut!

Made in the USA, Wheelchairhandles are a revolutionary grip which easily attach to a standard cane (straight) wheelchair handle. With Wheelchairhandles you have a more ergonomic design which gives the pusher more control, so the wheelchair user has a more comfortable and safer experience. With Wheelchairhandles, you can grip, push and pull a wheelchair without the strain on wrists and arms – particularly helpful if the pusher suffers with arthritis or limited mobility in their hands

Wheelchairhandles for familyNow anyone can push a wheelchair with confidence with Wheelchairhandles

Wheelchairhandles simply make pushing a wheelchair ultra-easy, younger members of the family will be able to join in and steer and control effortlessly - without putting the wheelchair user in fear of whiplash from clumsy steering! How can this be? Well, the handles ensure that there is an equal distribution of force while moving forwards or backwards, and this increase in control means that the wheelchair can be pushed along the ground much more smoothly. With Wheelchairhandles rough or unstable surfaces such as sand, cobbles or uneven pavements are no longer a problem!

Wheelchairhandles take the strain off the pushers wrists, arms and back while improving control and safety, they are sturdy and solidly made from a unique polymer that can handle pressure and weight up to 363kg (800lbs). They do not contain latex so they won't irritate those with a latex allergy and they can be easily cleaned with any household cleaner. Anyone can attach Wheelchairhandles - simply at home using the supplied allen key to secure them firmly in-place.

Wheelchairhandles for friendsGo where you please, with ease - with Wheelchairhandles

Wheelchairhandles make pushing a wheelchair exponentially easier. Older individuals report that the increased ease of pushing and changing direction makes them invaluable. Wheelchair pushers with both small and large hands also enjoy the additional comfort and people who are taller will love the improved positioning - no more stooping over low-positioned handles! Putting Wheelchairhandles on any wheelchair will dramatically improve the chair's comfort and manoeuvrability.

StressNoMore is proud to offer Wheelchairhandles here in the UK as the exclusive distributor - we want to get you 'out and about' safely, easily and in comfort and we are delighted to offer Jonathan's invention to UK buyers.

Wheelchairhandles for couplesAttaching your Wheelchairhandles is easy-peasy:

Wheelchairhandles have been designed to work with 99% of standard wheelchairs. If you are unsure about whether your current wheelchair would be suitable, please be advised that any grip that measures smaller than 3.8cm (1.5" inches) in diameter should fit our Wheelchairhandles. Please note that Wheelchairhandles are not compatible with wheelchairs that feature handle brakes. As always please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

  1. Ensure existing vinyl or plastic wheelchair grip is tightly in place, if not, replace and secure it.
  2. Place Wheelchairhandles over the vinyl or plastic grips, making sure the end protrudes through the Wheelchairhandles
  3. Position the Wheelchairhandles as desired, it is recommended to have the top portion straight up.
  4. Tighten bottom screws and then take turns to tighten side screws evenly on each handle.
  5. Grab the top of the Wheelchairhandles and check it is not loose. Continue to tighten screws until both are tight. The Wheelchairhandles should not be able to turn around.
  6. Check tightness of Wheelchairhandles before each use.
  7. To remove loosen the screws and take off the Wheelchairhandles.

Watch the video below to see Wheelchairhandles being installed!

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SKU / Product Code 10108
Brand StressNoMore

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I can still go for walks with my Nan! Review by Ms. P
Product Rating
My Nan suffers with terrible arthritis so she finds it hard to move around and keep up with us on our days out. These wheelchairhandles are an absolute lifesaver and the whole family can use them when we are travelling with my Nan. The ways you can grip the handles are different for every individual - the pistol grip is my personal favourite. (Posted on 12 May 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Too small for my wheelchair handles! Review by Moggy
Product Rating
I was really looking forward to receiving and using these handles to push my partner. However, they would not fit over the handles of the new wheelchair we had just bought. The diameter of the hole should be stated in the description of the item to avoid this happening to someone else.

Dear Moggy
Thank you for pointing this out, the diameter is now listed to help others avoid the same mistake - please use our free post returns service for a fast return and we'll refund you in full.
I am sorry we disappointed you.
Customer Care Team (Posted on 11 September 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Excellent Review by Camery6751
Product Rating
Excellent, fitted easily onto my sons chair, and makes it so much easier to push. Bloody brilliant! (Posted on 6 April 2016)
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