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NeuroTrac PC Software for NeuroTrac EMG and ETS Devices

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  1. NeuroTrac software is compatible with ALL EMG and ETS NeuroTrac Devices
  2. Easy to install and operate on laptop or PC
  3. Connects via fibre optic cable and/or Bluetooth connection
  4. Benefit from visual graphs on your PC/laptop screen and enjoy the latest EMG games and training guides
  5. Perfect for clinicians and for personal use

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SKU: 10453

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NeuroTrac just got even better; the NeuroTrac Software Upgrade allows you to see your progress in a bigger picture

NeuroTrac machines offer a wide range of physiotherapy, sports and rehabilitation programmes that are widely used in sports therapy clinics; the NeuroTrac devices are particularly good for treating spot injuries, strokes, muscular problems, prolapse, incontinence and much, much more.

The NeuroTrac software update is used as Biofeedback assessment and training tool for relaxation training, muscular self-control training, incontinence and stroke rehabilitation and muscular balance training for knee rehabilitation.

The NeuroTrac software allows you (and your therapist if you are under care) to see your progress and biofeedback information on a larger scale on your computer either at home or in the clinician’s office. With the software upgrade you will receive consistent evaluation, records and statistics of your progress such as work/rest averages, onset muscle contraction and release time, and much more.

NeuroTrac has been developed with therapy care in mind; so, as a patient, you can be presented with a detailed analysis that you can see and understand. This software is perfectly suitable for home-use if you would like to keep on track with your progress in the comfort of your own home too.

Who can use the NeuroTrac PC Software?

  • This PC software is an accessory to NeuroTrac  EMG or ETS devices including: MyoPlus family and Simplex. It facilitates and expands the user interface and features of the EMG biofreedback  ETS unit.
  • Perfect for a wide range of physiotherapy applications to improve motivation and improve clinical outcomes.
  • Designed with the therapist in mind it can also be used at home by the patient.
  • Use as Biofeedback assessment and training tool for improved rehabilitation.
  • Typical use: Relaxation training. Muscular self-control training, especially for stroke and incontinence rehabilitation. Muscular balance training for knee rehabilitation.

Records vital information for the Therapist:

  • This software includes a PC Database System for Patients Sessions and Home Compliance recording.
  • Single or Dual Channel EMG data and Neuromuscular Stimulation ETS monitoring and data recording and storage.
  • Individual structured patient EMG template design.
  • Structured protocols for the consistency of patient evaluation.
  • Comprehensive treatment and printed Progress Reports for all patients.
  • Allows the Therapist to download & maintain Home Compliance data from the NeuroTrac MyoPlus.
  • Displays stimulation time and EMG between STIM Work periods which is particularly useful for more effective stimulation.
  • Displays EMG as low as 0.2µV and up to 2000µV.
  • Analyses statistics, records and prints off comprehensive reports of work rest averages, onset of muscle contraction and release time, peak value, work / rest standard deviations, average current used and stimulation time.

What protocols are available on this PC Software:

  • Open Display - Use for EMG only. This is the treatment for the initial diagnosis, ask the patient to contract and relax the muscle and analyse the muscle biofeedback to evaluate the condition and consider the proper treatment.
  • NeuroTrac Controlled - For NeuroTrac ETS monitoring when connected to the NeuroTrac ETS device.
  • MYO Controlled - This procedure was designed specifically for the NeuroTrac MyoPlus range of products. The whole session can be monitored, EMG / ETS / STIM multiphase programmes are also supported. The statistics will be recorded into the database. A MYO report can be created to show the calendar chart
    of the statistics gathered from the MyoPlus sessions..
  • Template Training - Use this programme for EMG. By using the mouse to draw the line on the PC screen you then ask the Patient to follow the line with their EMG.
  • Work/Rest Training - Use this for EMG. Ideal for the patients home use or clinical exercises of contraction and relaxation.
  • Work/Rest Assessment - Use for EMG. The Clinician evaluates the Patient’s EMG periodically (maybe once a week) evaluating performance and progress. The patient contracts and relaxes muscles when prompted, this is repeated 5 times. The Software calculates the statistics and saves the session graph. In the patient database allowing the Clinician to select several sessions and  print off a progress report.
  • Download the Home Compliance from NeuroTrac MyoPlus, review the statistics of the patient’s home use. The device can be locked in a selected programme and the statistics saved on a daily basis. This Software can download and review the patient home compliance gathered by NeuroTrac MyoPlus/2/4.

Included in the NeuroTrac software upgrade kit you will get:

  • Fibre Optic Adaptor (Bluetooth connection) and Fibre Optic Cable
  • Installation CD
  • Standard software license for 2 activations/installation on 5 PCs
  • Manual
  • Quick Start Guide

The NeuroTrac software is compatible with ALL EMG and ETS NeuroTrac devices and operates with Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.

*Note* Please allow at least 0.5GB on your HDD for installation and Database.

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SKU / Product Code 10453
Brand Neurotrac

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