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NeuroTrac MyoPlus 4

  1. Four EMS treatment styles: Pelvic Floor, Sports, Rehab and Custom
  2. Combines EMS, EMG Biofeedback, STIM and ETS stimulation in one unit
  3. Easy to use, multilingual, interface that can be used by both patients at home and Physios alike
  4. NeuroTrac Wireless Bluetooth Software Kit is included at no extra cost
  5. Ideal for re-educating damaged muscles following MS, stroke or sports injury

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The new NeuroTrac MyoPlus 4; track your electronic muscle stimulation on screen

This rehabilitation device combines advanced technology with simple usability to give you the best treatment in the comfort of your own home. MyoPlus 4 combines Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) with EMG Biofeedback to exercise and strengthen muscles whilst giving visible indications of your muscle strength. Seeing your progress in this way is incredibly important as it can enable you to gradually increase the intensity of your exercise based on your progress.

MyoPlus 4 has 4 channels, so you can attach 4 sets of electrodes to enable you to use the EMS and EMG separately or at the same time. Alternatively, use both sides of the unit to stimulate the muscles and cover a larger surface area than single channel EMS machines, which is ideal for large muscle mass areas such as the back, thighs or buttocks.

EMS re-educates damaged muscles as a result of injury, stroke or degenerative muscle conditions such as MS. If your muscles are particularly weak or you have experienced nerve damage you may not be able to feel or move them, making it difficult to exercise and strengthen the muscles again. EMS delivers mild electrical currents to the muscles, causing them to automatically contract and relax and gradually build up strength.

This technology is regularly used by physiotherapists whilst rehabilitating their patients. The MyoPlus 4 harnesses this advanced technology but with much simpler functions to make it accessible for people to use at home. By treating muscles frequently at home as well as in the clinic you will dramatically speed up the recovery process and see better results.

The NeuroTrac MyoPlus 4 was designed with physiotherapists in mind to be used as a portable tool, but it is also suitable for personal trainers for in-clinic use or home use (under guidance). The NeuroTrac MyoPlus 4 also has a multilingual LCD screen and voice prompts for Biofeedback and now with Bluetooth connectivity!

What programmes are included on the NeuroTrac MyoPlus 4?

 The NeuroTrac MyoPlus 4 has four separate programme types; Pelvic Floor, Sports, Rehab and Custom. There are 49 pre-set programmes and 11 custom programmes in total.


What's included with the MyoPlus 4?

The NeuroTrac MyoPlus 4 unit comes with a set of four electrode pads, the lead wires to connect the electrode pads to the unit, a set of four AA batteries and a handy storage NeuroTrac bag. As well as the Operators Manual, containing all the information needed about the unit and programmes, also included is the Electrode Placement Manual, guiding you through which electrode pad shapes and sizes to use, and where to place them to achieve the best results. When you buy the NeuroTrac MyoPlus 4 you will also receive the NeuroTrac Wireless Software Kit.

When you buy NeuroTrac MyoPlus 4 you will receive the NeuroTrac Wireless Software Kit too!

This advanced software can be used to record and assess muscle strength, offer detailed reports of muscle movement and provide progress reports throughout the rehabilitation process. It is designed for both patients and physiotherapists, and can provide daily progress reports with easy to digest information as well as more complex analysis which can give extra insight to physiotherapists.

NeuroTrac MyoPlus 4 has Bluetooth capablity, allowing it to send data from the device to your PC for the NeuroTrac Software within minutes.

The NeuroTrac MyoPlus 4 is a versatile device with a vast range of programmes to treat a range of conditions spanning incontinence, sports and rehabilitation; see the table below for details. The are 2 custom programmes too to allow your clinician to create a unique programme specifically for your condition.


EMG Biofeedback Specifications:

Dual channel EMG. EMG Range: 0.2 to 2000 μV RMS (continuous). Sensitivity: 0.l μV RMS. 1.3 Accuracy: 4% of ìV reading +/-0.3 μV at 200 Hz. 1.4 Selectable Band pass filter - 3db Bandwidth, a. Wide: 18 Hz +/- 4 Hz to 370 Hz +/- 10% - Reading below 235 microvolts 10 Hz +/-3 Hz to 370 Hz +/- 10% - Reading above 235 microvolts, b. Narrow: 100 Hz +/- 5% to 370 Hz +/- 10% 1.5 Notch filter: 50 Hz (Canada 60Hz) - 33 dbs (0. 1% accuracy). Common Mode Rejection Ratio: 130 dbs. Minimum @ 50 Hz. Work / Rest periods: 2-99 seconds. Number of Trials: 1-99.

STIM and EMS Specifications:

4 channel Stimulator. Amplitude: 0-90 mA into 500 Ohm load - actual mA will tend to be less than indicated due to Electrode impedance: at 1000 Ohms load (Electrodes in poor condition) the maximum will be limited to 75 mA, at 1500 Ohms load the maximum will be limited to 50 mA. Type: Constant current, maximum output voltage 70 Volts +5 / -10 Volts. Waveform: Symmetrical, rectangular, bi-phasic with net zero DC current. Pulse width selection: 50-450 μS (2% accuracy). Pulse rate selection: 2-100 Hz (2% accuracy).Work / Rest periods: 2-99 seconds. Time: 1-99 minutes. Ramp up time: 0.1 - 9.9 seconds. Pre-set and user programmable treatment Programmes. Automatic output shut off with detection of open electrode above 0.5 mA.

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SKU / Product Code 81710
Programmes 19 Preset Urology Programmes, 21 Preset Sports Programmes, 9 Preset Rehabilitation Programmes, 2 Custom Programmes
Brand Neurotrac
Recommended For Muscle Rehabilitation, Sports Training, Pelvic Floor Recovery
Included Contents NeuroTrac MyoPlus 4 Unit, NeuroTrac Wireless Software Kit, Electrode Pads, Lead Wires, 4 x AA Batteries, Carry Case, Operators Manual, 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
Power 4 x AA batteries (included)
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Clinical References View and/or Download Treatment of Stroke (Hemiplegic Shoulder) Through Biofeedback

View and/or Download F.E.S In Stroke

View and/or Download Female Urinary Incontinence Protocol

View and/or Download Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontince With Biofeedback

View and/or Download Pelvic Floor Muscle Activity In Different Positionsl

View and/or Download Faecal Incontinence Protocol
CE Approved Yes
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