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NeuroTrac IFC Rehab TENS & NMS

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  1. Dual channel machine for IFC, TENS, NMS & IFC
  2. Control each side of unit independently
  3. Ideal for treating injuries to joints and limbs
  4. Pain relief works deep in tissue layers for effective results
  5. Helps rehabilitate and strengthen muscles professionally at home

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The NeuroTrac IFC Rehab TENS & NMS provides a unique set of features suitable for pain relief and sports recovery management.

The NeuroTrac IFC Rehab TENS & NMS is a brilliant rehabilitation machine for people with injuries in the limbs and joints, in particular the shoulders, knees and elbows. However since the TENS/NMS channel is completely independent from the IFC channel you can also use either one separately to relieve any kind of muscle pain or to exercise and rehabilitate weak muscles. You can select programmes and control timing and intensity of stimulation independently for each side of the unit, which gives you the opportunity to completely tailor your treatment for your injury and level of pain. You can combine either TENS and IFC or NMS and IFC depending on what kind of stimulation you require. For example, if you experience localised pain in the top layers of muscles and tissue, you can apply electrodes and use one of the TENS modalities. You can then apply electrodes over a joint in order to deliver deeper pain relief to the deep tissue layers. Alternatively you could use the NMS function to stimulate muscles while the IFC delivers deep tissue pain relief. This is perfect for joint injuries where it’s important to strengthen the surrounding muscles to help them support the injured joint, but where it may be too painful to work out the muscles independently.

If you suffer from localised pain near the surface of your skin as well as pain deep into a joint, you can use both channels of the NeuroTrac IFC Rehab TENS & NMS with two sets of electrodes to deliver different kinds of pain relief. The two separate sides of the unit can be controlled completely independently, so you can use different programmes with different patterns of stimulation, different intensities and for different amounts of time. If you want to strengthen muscles and relieve pain, you can use the IFC side with the NMS function on the other side. This is perfect for people with joint injuries who need to tone up muscles to support the joint but find it too painful to exercise. The collection of pre-set and customisable programmes ensures that the NeuroTrac IFC Rehab is ideal for your specialist to set up for treatment specially designed for you and your injury.

IFC Programmes - Left Hand Side of the Unit

The NeuroTrac IFC Rehab TENS & NMS has 11 pre-set IFC programmes and 2 custom IFC programmes available on the left hand side of the unit. The 11 pre-set programmes that are split in to four modes: Abrupt, Ramp or Sweep, Intermittent Stimulation and Continuous. There are three Abrupt (ABT) programmes; these have an output with low frequency for a set time and then abrupt change to high frequency for the same time, this cycle then repeats over the programme duration. There are two Sweep or Ramp programmes; with these programmes the stimulation frequency ramps smoothly from low frequency to high frequency for a defined modulation time, then back, and this pattern is repeated over the programme duration. There are two Intermittent Stimulation (Work/Rest) programmes; the output amplitude ramps up in 0.5 seconds to the adjusted level and stimulates for a defined work time, then it ramps down in 0.5 seconds to 0mA, and stays with no stimulation for a defined rest time. This cycle is repeated over the programme duration. There are also which run two types of programmes in one programme; two of these Dual Treatment programmes are a combination of Abrupt and Sweep, and two of these are a combination of Work/Rest and Continuous. On the left hand side of the unit, there are also two customisable programmes; one is Continuous and one is Intermittent Stimulation (Work/Rest).

TENS and NMS Programmes - Right Hand Side of the Unit

The NeuroTrac IFC Rehab TENS & NMS has 12 pre-set TENS programmes, 15 pre-set NMS programmes and 3 custom programmes. The TENS programmes are broken down in to three modes; Continuous, Modulated and Burst Modulated. There are eight TENS Continuous (CON) programmes, which have a constant frequency and pulse width current; these are good for Pain Gate Mechanism. There are two TENS Modulated (MOD) programmes which are good for long-term pain relief treatment. There are also two TENS Burst Modulated (BST) programmes, that have a burst of high frequency impulses, repeated twice every second; these programmes are good for local pain relief. All 15 NMS programmes are Work/Rest programmes. Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (also known as EMS or NMES) is used to strengthen injured and healthy muscles.

What do I get with the NeuroTrac IFC Rehab TENS & NMS machine?

The NeuroTrac IFC Rehab TENS & NMS unit comes withthe following:

  • 2 sets of electrode pads
  • 4 sets of dual lead wires
  • 4 AA batteries
  • NeuroTrac IFC Rehab TENS & NMS Operators Manual - containing all the information needed about the unit and programmes
  • Electrode Placement Manual, guiding you through which electrode pad shapes and sizes to use, and where to place them to achieve the best results.

What is Interferential Current (IFC)?

Interferential Current (IFC) differs from traditional electronic muscle stimulation as it uses frequencies much higher than TENS or NMS. Tissue resistance is reduced, allowing the electrical current to pass through deeper layers of tissue for more thorough pain relief. This means that IFC is perfect for treating joint and ligament injuries where pain comes from deeper within the limb. By combining TENS & NMS (also referred to as EMS or NMES) with Interferential Current (IFC), you can stimulate tissues near the surface and deeper into the tissue at the same time, giving you more comprehensive pain relief treatment. This dual-channel unit allows you to use IFC treatment at the same time as TENS/NMS.

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SKU / Product Code 92464
Programmes 11 Preset IFC Programmes, 2 Custom IFC Programmes, 12 Preset TENS Programmes, 1 Custom TENS Programme, 15 Preset NMS Programmes, 2 Custom NMS Programmes
Brand Neurotrac
Recommended For Localised Pain Relief, Long-Term Pain Relief, Recovery From Injury, Rehabilitation, Strengthen Muscles
Included Contents NeuroTrac IFC Rehab Unit, 4 Sets of Lead Wires, 2 Sets of 4 Electrode Pads, 4 x AA Batteries, Operators Manual, Electrode Placement Manual
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
User Manual View and/or Download the User Manual

View and/or Download the TENS Electrode Placement Guide by StressNoMore
Clinical References View and/or Download Basic TENS Protocol
CE Approved Yes
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Hi. Can you please let me know if this product is able to work externally?? Does it also have a belt clip to be easily transported safely?? Sorry if it ism"t able to do these can you please let me know if have got any different ones that I can purchase??