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Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF 380A Remote Control Air Purifier and Ioniser

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  1. NaturoPure HF 380 A Remote Control Air Purifier
  2. Automatically detects dust, allergens and odours
  3. Amazing 7 stage air purification process including HEPA filter and Ioniser
  4. 100% effective, 5x better than other units
  5. Remote control for flexibility and ease of use

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The NaturoPure HF380A from Heaven Fresh is a remote controlled, comprehensive and 'intelligent' air purifier to help against allergies and odours.

We don't tend to think of the air in our home as being polluted, but there are endless types of chemicals and microbes that could be harmful to our health. Dust is a major air pollutant to which over 12 million of us are allergic in the UK, but mould, harmful gases, bacteria and viruses all fill our air and can have serious affects on our health without us even realising it.

The most effective way to reduce the harmful pollutants in indoor air is to use an air purifier, which filters out the bad stuff and circulates fresh, pure air around your home. Heaven Fresh are a leading manufacturer of air purifiers, but their NaturoPure HF380A is one of their most sophisticated and intelligent units yet.

This expertly designed and exclusive air purifier features unique sensor technology to automatically monitor and analyse the air quality around you. The advanced sensors can detect the presence of dust, allergens and odours and notify you of the air polution levels via a flashing LED light. This then allows the air purification levels to be set accordingly so that less energy can be used when polution levels are low.

& advanced purification stages of the NaturoPure HF 380A Air Purifier to reduce indoor pollutants

The NaturoPure HF 380A offers 7 advanced purification stages which air passes through to become pure and clean:

1. Washable Pre-filter to prevent large particles from clogging the unit, for example hair and large dust particles. This filter is removeable and washable.

2. Electrostatically charged Plasma Array to magnetically trap tiny impurities such as dust mites, mould, pollen, pet fluff and micro dust particles. This can also be cleaned and is designed to extend the life of the following filters which are more complex.

3. Activated Carbon Filter to block harmful gases and odours such as cigarette smoke, formaldehydes and ammonia.

4. HEPA Filter traps 99.97% of pollutants such as small allergens, microscopic particles and the harmful particles in cigarette smoke.

5. TiO2 Photocatalyctic Oxidation Filter destroys bacteria, mould, viruses, odours, formaldehydes, ammonia and Volatile Organic Compounds which can be extremely harmful.

6. Ultra Violet Light works independently to neutralise micro organsims inclduing mould and viruses.

7. Ioniser distributes negative ions into the room to continue cleansing of the surrounding air.

Having 7 different stages of purification ensures that as many toxins and pollutants are cleansed from the air as possible. The filters are easy to clean and last up to 2 years before they need replacing.

The unit's 180 degree air intake allows you to place the unit behind furniture and out of sight if you wish without reducing air flow, and clean air is expelled upwards to allow the most effective circulation through the room. It also has a super quiet Silent Mode so that you can keep the purifier in your bedroom and enjoy a peaceful nights sleep breathing pure air.

The NaturoPure HF 380A Air Purifier has an almost 100% success rate in clinical trials, and is FIVE times more efficient in toxin removal than other models. This new advance of the original HF 380 gives you the flexibility of controlling your unit via a remote for ease of use.

Breathe pure air and stay healthy with the NaturoPure HF308 Air Purifier.

Heaven Fresh HF 380 A Functions

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SKU / Product Code 91760
Brand Heaven Fresh
Recommended For Air purification, combat odours and allergies.
Power UK Mains - 80W
User Manual View and/or Download the Heaven Fresh HF 380A User Manual

View and/or Download the Heaven Fresh HF 380A Brochure
CE Approved Yes
Function Negative Ion Output: >4,000,000/cm3 | UV Wavelength: 254nm | Sound Level: 20dB - 52dB | Air Volume: 106cfm (Highest Fan Setting) | HEPA Filter Removal Rate: 99.97% at 0.3 microns | Applicable Area: Up to 650 sq. ft. | Ozone Output: < 1 ppb at 2" Away
Product Weight 6.8kg (15 lbs)
Size 34.3cm x 61cm x 25.5cm (13.5 Inches x 24 Inches x 10 Inches)

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Expensive, but well worth it, Review by JL
Product Rating
Looks less obtrusive in real life than the picture might suggest! I use this because we have 4 dogs and when my Mother in Law comes to stay it tends to bring our her asthema. Whilst I am not one to encourage the MOL to visit too much, I'd rather she didn't go home with streaming eyes and memories of an odourous 'doggy' house. Expensive, but well worth it, and as we have an open plan living/dining room, essential for this big sized area. Have tried smaller ones, but they don't have the power. Handy with the remote controller too, so it is placed out of the way in a discreet corner yet readily controllable. (Posted on 4 April 2013)
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Product Questions

Is it suitable for a two storey 3 bedroom house?
I need to replace the carbon filter, do you have them in stock?
What is the price?
How do I order ?

Regards Mike
What is the green button on the remote for, what is its function. The instruction book does not even mention the green button. I have found the information in the instruction book to be insufficient. It covers quite a bit about cleaning the filters but is very limited for suggestions of use. The book shows a picture of the remote, but does not say what the green button is for and what the function does.
What is the warranty on this unit?
How do we get rid off red light after cleaning
My father suffers from COD and has had air purfiers before that have had an ioniser in it and have made it more difficult for him to breath I was recently told that is because they produce Ozone which is dangerous to breath in. Does this purifier produce any ozone and if so if I turn the uv/ion light off would that stop the unit from producing any, also would that detract from the unit working efficiently enough.

thank you