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Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF 290 Multiple Technology Air Purifier

  1. Reduces virtually all air impurities including dust, pollen and pet dander
  2. Uses HEPA fitlers that are regarded as the industry best

  3. Eliminates harmful gases such as nitrogen and sulphur dioxides
  4. Germicidal UV LEDs that remove  microbes including germs and bacteria
  5. Smart sensors indicate when filters need cleaning

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Breathe easy in your home with this air purifier

From mould and mildew to pet fur and ‘little accidents’, the gases and fumes from a fireplace to the chemicals from cleaning products – many different pollutants enter the air in your home on a daily basis. Even some finishes on new furniture and freshly decorated rooms will have ‘that odour’ we all notice. These pollutants all add up to cause a lot of trouble.

The very latest in air purifying technology, the NaturoPure HF290 Multi Technology Air Purifier reduces virtually all impurities over 270sq ft, including dust, pollen, pet dander and mould. The carbon pre-filter removes larger dust particle and light odours, completely refreshing your room.

The unit itself is a sleek design, which would work well in any room of the home. It features an easy to use control panel and simple navigation to choose the settings you want. The NaturoPure HF290 Multi Technology Air Purifier also has smart sensors monitoring the air filter conditions and indicates when to clean the air filters. The Air Purifier has a three year warranty.

What Does The HF290 Have?

HEPA Filter – This high-tech filter removes over 99% of particles which pass through it. HEPA filters are widely considered the best on the market as they can capture higher volumes of floating particles than standard filters could.

Air Ioniser – Our air is filled with positive and negative ions; negative ions repel other airborne particles whereas positive ions attract other particles. This purifier emits negative ions, effectively breaking up pollutants which have clumped together. This makes it easier for the HEPA filter to remove them, and it helps to remove pollutants even at a distance away from the purifier itself.

Germicidal UV LEDS – Ultraviolet light is clinically proven to destroy microbial particles such as mould, bacteria, viruses and germs. UV lights are often used in the medical field to sanitize equipment and rooms, so you can rest assured that all harmful particles which could cause you illness are removed from the air you breathe.

Activated Carbon Filter – This filter specialises in removing chemicals, gases, odours and smoke. This is ideal if you want to remove odours after cooking or are concerned about chemicals in the air after using cleaning products.

TiO2 Photocatalytic Oxidation Board – Activated by UV light, it releases free radicals to destroy organic based pollutants. The filter frame contains titanium dioxide in a non-woven fiber media, which is self-regenerating to ensure a long system life. Photocatalytic technology eliminates harmful gases such as nitrogen and sulphur dioxides. It is FDA approved to reduce bacteria in poultry and pork processing, and cleanse pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

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SKU / Product Code 10051
Brand Heaven Fresh
Recommended For Air Purifier removes pollutants from the air to help with respiratory conditions and improve energy levels
Power UK Mains - 55W
User Manual View and/or Download the Heaven Fresh HF 290 User Manual

View and/or Download the Heaven Fresh HF 290 Brochure
Function Coverage Area: 270sq ft | Noise Level: ≤ 61dB | Remove Pollutants: Up to 0.03 micron | CADR: 110 CFM
Product Weight 4.14 kg (9.13 lbs)
Size 25.5cm x 17cm x 55cm (10.2 inches x 6.8 inches x 22 inches)

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Good HEPA Filter Review by SAV148
Product Rating
I like the timer feature so that I can set this running at night. I live next to a busy road and I can't always have the window open and this helps to clean the air. I feel it has also helped prevent dry eyes, I suffer badly and this seems to have made a difference but its not on the manufacturers blurb!
I find the HEPA filter very effective and the noise level on low is fine for sleep, however It is annoying if on high so I have to turn it down. I run it on high during the day when I am not at home to clean the air. (Posted on 26 August 2016)
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