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Natural Intimacy Intimate Sea Sponges


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  1. Sea sponge tampons are resuable and 100% biodegradable
  2. Comfortable and convenient menstrual sponge
  3. Easy to clean and naturally absorbent. For internal & external use
  4. Safer for you and the environment
  5. Available in natural & bleached 

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Natural Intimacy Sea Sponge Tampons are gentler to your body and the environment

Has anyone ever told you about how much you are spending on sanitary products? Better yet, has anyone mentioned the flaws of using tampons and towels? Traditional sanitary products like tampons and pads are crammed with dioxins, fragrances and are often manufactured with non-organic cotton or rayon. These materials can be incredibly harmful to your body and especially in your intimate area. So what’s a natural and safe alternative to traditional sanitary products? If someone told you, that you could use sea sponge as a sanitary product, would you believe them?

It’s true! Menstrual sponges provide safe, comfortable protect during your period.

Natural Intimacy Mediterranean Silk Sponges Intimate Sponges

Natural Intimacy’s Sea Sponge Tampons are completely different to traditional sanitary products. These incredibly unique tampons are made from sea sponge; harvested directly from the Mediterranean Sea. These sea sponge tampons are luxuriously soft and kind to your body; they absorb just as well as traditional products, but as they keep in tune with your body they don’t absorb your natural moisture. Because the sea sponge is harvested directly from the ocean bed, these tampons are free from chemicals, are completely non-toxic and bio-degradable.

Not only do they harmonise with your body, they save the pennies in your purse too! It’s been estimated that a woman can spend a minimum of £50 a year just on sanitary products, multiply that by how many years a woman has menstruating – you’re looking at a horrifying estimate of £4,000. With the sea sponge tampons, they last between 3-6 months sometimes even a year if you take really good care of them! A penny saved is a penny earned indeed!

Ever thought about how much waste comes with traditional sanitary products? The packaging, the single bit of plastic that covers each singular tampon and the plastic applicator that comes with it. Just think about the damage that can cause to our environment – nothing that comes with traditional sanitary products is bio-degradable! 58% of one woman’s rubbish is made from sanitary products. With the sea sponge tampons you can wash and reuse them over and over again, and when it’s finally time to throw the menstrual sponge away, you can dispose of it in your organic waste because it’s completely bio-degradable!

Why being a sea sponge convert is the best!

Because traditional sanitary products are crammed with synthetic fibres for maximum absorbency; this can lead to dryness and irritation. With Natural Intimacy’s sea sponge tampons it’s far from irritation; allowing you to have a pleasant period – who’d have thought “pleasant” and “period” would be in the same sentence?!

Sea sponge is harvested with great respect from divers; because of it’s a fabulous renewable, natural resource, the sea sponge has the ability to regrow and reproduce parts of the sponge that has been broken off. These clever little animals (yes, animals! But with no brain or central nervous system) can even relocate in a different location as a clone of their parent sponge!

When the divers harvest sea sponge, they treat them with the utmost respect; they are never torn from the ocean bed, they are cut at the base so the sponge remains intact, so they still have the function to regrow and reproduce over and over again.

How to keep your sea sponge in the best possible condition

If you take care of your sea sponge properly, it can last between 3-6 months, possibly more! Remember about those pennies you save.

Directions: It is important that you use natural soap that is free from chemicals – this will ensure that the sea sponges stay safe and clean; you don’t want to tamper with your sea sponges as they may cause irritation.

Soak the sea sponge in a cup of warm water for 5 – 10 minutes wither either one of the following:

  • 2 – 3 drops of tea tree oil
  • 1 tbsp of vinegar

After you have soaked your sea sponge, rinse and squeeze out any excess water. Whatever you choose to do, do not:

  • Boil your sponges – this will lead to toughening and shrinking the sponges
  • Leave your sponges to soak any longer than the recommended time; the sponge can deteriorate
  • Use any harsh chemicals or soaps; it’s bad for the sponges and bad for your body!

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Top quality, comfortable product Review by Mandy lou
Product Rating
The most comfortable sanitary product I have ever used. I don't even know they're there unlike conventional tampons which often leave me dry and uncomfortable. I am still getting myself fully used to them so I have not tried to engage in intercourse with my partner whilst using them although I understand that this is possible. I would, at present, recommend these as a natural alternative to conventional sanitary protection although probably best used by women who are accustomed to using digitally applied tampons as you do need to put them in quite high up. (Posted on 11 December 2016)
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