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  1. Pelvic toner that is a simple, discreet and effective
  2. NatraTone helps to prevent, reduce and even eliminate laughter leaks and stress incontinence
  3. A safe, drug free alternative to pelvic surgery
  4. Comfortably improves bladder control, sexual sensation and avoids potential prolapse
  5. FDA medically-approved material, free from PCB and phthalates

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Prevent and eliminate stress incontinence the simple way by using NatraTone!

ACHOO!! Ever sneezed and thought immediately “uh-oh”? Sometimes a small accident may occur. If you often experience leaks from laughing, sneezing or exercising, this indicates signs of a weak pelvic floor. If ignored and untreated you can experience severe urinary incontinence and in some extreme cases, prolapse. Did you know that you can rectify this problem by simply devoting 10 minutes of your time every other day? It really is that simple; incorporating NatraTone as part of your routine will strengthen those pelvic floor muscles to ensure freedom from embarrassing leaks and you can continue enjoying your life.

The pelvic toner targets 3 specific muscle groups: the lower abdominals, diaphragm and your pelvic floor muscles. The exercises you will do help to train the muscles so they work together continuously so they become strong, coordinated and work in harmony. During the development of your muscles, you will also improve the neural (nerve) and muscle memory. Boosting this memory, your muscles will in future act fast and respond automatically when you need them most. Voila! No leaks = no pads!


Perfect your pelvic floor exercises

If you try to do your Kegel exercises, but are unsure if they are working correctly, the NatraTone pelvic floor exercise programme will help you to focus and ensure you are performing the correct exercise technique to help prevent those laughter leaks. What’s more is the compact device is made from BPA/PCB free and Phthalate free material – so no nasties will ever come near your pelvic floor muscles.

If you suffer with mild to moderate leakage, you can notice results as early as 7 to 10 days, if you use the NatraTone accordingly; you may notice leakage has lessened or you may feel more sensation during intimacy. But what is most important is that you continue with the training programme so that you can reach optimal results; you may see significant results in as little as 6 weeks! It could take longer but the key is patience - just like training your body on the outside, you may lose 4 pounds in one week of going to the gym; others lose nothing – sometimes even gain a pound! Every woman is different therefore every woman’s pelvic floor muscles are different too. It all depends on the severity of your leakage, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t see improvements in your first week of training – just keep going.

Once your training programme is complete, NatraTone will become a regular exercise regime. Just like when you’ve finally accomplished that bikini body for summer, you need to regularly train so you can still keep that dream bod! It’s exactly the same for your pelvic floor muscles. Then, you will be leak-free throughout life and you can live your life to the fullest: dancing, laughing and jumping on the trampoline with your children. You name it – with NatraTone you can do it.

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SKU / Product Code 10516
Brand NatraTone

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Leaking Even When Walking Review by 42 year old mother of 2
Product Rating
My muscles have felt slack since childbirth, I sit all day in my job and I leak while just walking.
Since using the NatraToner, I can feel what I am doing now. NatraTone is making it possible for me to direct my exercises to the right muscles. I am on track to get leak free by summer. (Posted on 11 May 2015)
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Noticeable improvement Review by Essie
Product Rating
I was very skeptical that this product could help me but surprisingly I have noticed a difference. I didn't use it for quite awhile after purchasing as I only had a mild leakage problem and kept putting it off. Then one day while in an exercise class, the leakage bothered me enough to go home and try the product that night. I used it for several weeks and my pelvic muscles really got noticeably stronger. But, the big thing is, I actually don't leak anymore when I jump. I know I only had a mild problem but that's pretty amazing! (Posted on 22 March 2017)
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