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Multi-Oral RemiDent & Applicator


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  1. Treats and prevents bleeding gums, tooth erosion and remineralises teeth, apply after brushing once a day!
  2. Combats tooth erosion, dental cavities and reinforces tooth enamel, naturally prevents halitosis (bad breath)
  3. Tooth erosion treatment prevents plaque formation & conditions the gums for naturally healthy teeth
  4. Neutralizes harmful bacteria & optimises the oral flora keeping teeth and gums healthy
  5. Natural, safe and effective to use  inc sensitive teeth, plaque, tooth erosion & cavities.

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Multi-Oral RemiDent to combat bleeding gums, tooth erosion and plaque safely and effectively

multi-oral remident Do you have painful, swollen gums? Or do you find that you continuously harbour plaque in your mouth? The solution you have been looking for is the Multi-Oral RemiDent which treats you’re bleeding gums and tooth erosion effectively. So how does it work? The paste re-mineralises your teeth and optimizes the oral flora (bacterial balances) in your mouth. The bio-active gel is based on the patented 2QR-complex. This is a natural substance which is derived from plants and consists of bio-active molecules called polysaccharides. It has a profound effect when it comes to neutralizing harmful bacteria by blocking their adhesion to the delicate tissue in your mouth. This natural ‘blocking’ effect is completely safe, harmless and effective, because no toxic substances or harsh chemicals are used and therefore it does not have negative side effects. Just because its effective doesn’t mean it will taste horrendous either, it had a neutral and pleasant taste!

The Bio-active formulation of Multi-Oral RemiDent:

  • Is based on the patented 2QR-complex
  • Is natural, safe and harmless when swallowed
  • Has no harsh chemicals, preservatives and no ingredients from animal origin

How to use Multi-Oral RemiDent

Who can benefit from using Multi-Oral RemiDent? For those who have issues with tooth erosion, bleeding gums, sensitive teeth or if you seem prone to experience plaque formation, it is advised that you apply Multi-Oral RemiDent once every day immediately after brushing your teeth. Ideally apply it in the evening before going to bed so the gel has a prolonged contact with the tissue.  If you are looking to use the RemiDent as a prevention to the above issues of bleeding gums, tooth erosion and plaque formation it is advised you apply Multi-Oral RemiDent at least twice a week after brushing your teeth.

Multi-Oral RemiDent can be applied in two ways, by using the special applicator or by using your finger. Apply the gel on all of your teeth (top and sides of the teeth) and where the teeth meet the gums. For the next 30 minutes don’t eat or drink or put anything in your mouth to ensure it works efficiently. Also, try not to remove the Multi-Oral RemiDent with your tongue.

Don’t put off your oral health any longer and make sure you incorporate Multi-oral RemiDent into your daily routine.

multi oral remident instructions

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SKU / Product Code 11078
Brand Multi-Oral

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Amazing, I hadn't realised about this aspect of dental health & hygiene! Review by KetteringMum4
Product Rating
I initially read about teeth remineralisation on a US site and I was amazed what I learned about my teeth. I had no idea that teeth are porous, I just thought they were solid masses, but as they can decay, so that decay can be revered. I was an avid Diet Coke fiend and my dentist said 'How many carbonated drinks do you have a day?' I asked why she asked this and she said she could tell I drank regularly because my tooth enamel was thin and wearing out in places, leaving my teeth exposed. Now, this is from Diet coke?! I didn't think there was sugar in this drink, but its not just the sugar I have to worry about but the other chemicals in the awful stuff.
She recommended I stop drinking them, which I have, and I have actively started to try to enhance my tooth enamel and take care of my poor teeth - which incidentally are lovely and straight and white and LOOK healthy, but evidently they aren't.
I use this remident at night after I have cleaned my teeth, I do not use a fluoride toothpaste. I then put a thin layer on my teeth at the gum line. and go to sleep. It is easy to do and my gums are healthier than they have been for years - no excess plaque and certainly no blood stains when I brush. I am due back for an annual check up and I am interested to see if my dentist can tell the difference in my teeth health. I feel that they don't only look healthy, they really are healthy - after all its more about the gums than anything isn't it. I get less plaque build up, and it is pleasant to use.
Obviously I cannot say categorically if the improvement is because of the remident dental gel, or the fact I have stopped consuming Diet Coke, but my teeth feel better and my gums are pink, not red, ready to bleed.
Definitely recommended. It really is a new era of tooth hygiene.
. (Posted on 1 June 2016)
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