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Shop our range of affordable magnifying glasses, sheet magnifiers and illuminated magnifiers amongst other magnifying aids. Suitable for reading, writing and other close-up tasks.

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  1. Osalis Home Help Sheet Magnifier
  2. Reading Eyeglasses including Sunreader
    As low as £1.99
  3. Wellys 3 in 1 Magnifying Sheet with Light
  4. Osalis Home Help Hands Free Magnifier with Neck Cord
  5. Osalis Home Help A4 Sheet Magnifier with Stand
  6. Wellys 3 in 1 Magnifying Sheet
  7. Computer Magnifier Glasses & Reading Magnifier Glasses
    As low as £1.99
  8. Osalis Home Help Table Magnifier with Stand
    Out of stock

8 Items

per page