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Incontinence Pads

Whether you need incontinence pads for advanced incontinence, or you suffer the occasional ‘laughter leak’, here at StressNoMore we have a full range of incontinence pads that can help you live with urinary and/or faecal incontinence. We source only the best quality, medical grade sanitary wear to protect you from embarrassment. The incontinence pad range has everything you need for total protection and confidence to live your life to the full.

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  1. Attends Soft 3 Incontinence Pads
    As low as £1.99
  2. Super Absorbent Machine Washable Incontinence Bed Pad with Under-Mattress Tucks
  3. Attends F6 Faecal Pads For Incontinence 40 Pack
  4. Attends Soft 6 and 7 Pads for Heavy Urinary Incontinence
    As low as £7.49
  5. Attends Cover-Dri Plus Aborbent Chair and Bed Pads
    As low as £8.99
  6. Attends Soft 5 Maxi Plus Incontinence Pads
  7. Attends Soft 5 Incontinence Pads - 38 Pack
  8. Decorative Protective Floor Rug Absorbent & Washable Incontinence Protection
  9. Triple Protection Washable Incontinence Bed Pads
    As low as £21.99
  10. Attends Deoplus Absorbent Pad with Odour Protection
  11. Incontinence Protection Velour Chair Pad
    As low as £7.49
  12. Machine Washable Absorbent Pressure Point Bed Pad for Mattress and Skin Protection
  13. Sonoma Machine Washable Super Absorbent Bed Pad
  14. Sonoma Washable Absorbent Chair Pad - Pink
  15. Disposable pads for Incontinence Underwear
  16. Attends Cover-Dri Plus Sample
    Out of stock
  17. Washable Waterproof Bed Protection Pad
    Out of stock
  18. Attends Cover-Dri Super Absorbent Chair and Bed Pads
    Out of stock
  19. Triple Layer Reusable Incontinence Bed Pads (100 x 100 cm)
    Out of stock

19 Items

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