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MeTime Eye and Temple Massager

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  1. Forehead and eye massager relaxes the muscles around the eyes to relieve tiredness
  2. MeTime Eye and Temple Massager concentrates on  11 points around the eyes
  3. Stimulates acupuncture pressure points around the temples, forehead and eyes
  4. Thermotherapy function to aid relaxation
  5. Helps to relieve those who suffer with short sightedness, amblyopia (lazy eye), astigmatism and much more

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Sit back, fasten up and relax; the MeTime Eye and Temple Massager relieves visual ailments and blocked sinuses for faster recovery and relaxation

So, the MeTime Eye and Temple Massager does look a little futuristic and you’re fastening up to a device that may take you on a journey through time and space. But, we must inform you, the temple and eye massager only takes you on a roam to cloud nine and tranquillity. The forehead massager uses air pressure to stimulate the 11 acupuncture pressure points that are located around the temples, forehead and eyes; helping to relieve those who suffer with mild visual ailments such as short sightedness, amblyopia (lazy eye), astigmatism and much more.

When we are feeling cranky, knotted up and a little stressed; we know of all the benefits a deep, intense massage can give us. Massages practically knead out those tight knots, relieving you from the pain and aiding you to relax, almost relax your problems away! However it’s a little different if you suffer with migraines, eyes strain and other mild visual ailments. Trying to perform a massage on your temples and across your eyes on yourself or someone else, you may cause more harm than good! The MeTime Eye and Temple Massager does the work for you and you can even lie on your own snuggly bed whilst it performs a comforting massager around the eye and temple area – now doesn’t that sound delightful?

With the majority of employees in the UK working on a computer for 8 or more hours a day; focusing on a computer screen for long periods of time can induce eye strain, migraines, stress and feeling cranky. But stress doesn’t just stop there – oh no – it can prevent you from sleeping; provoke outbreaks across your face, fatigue, crow’s feet and so much more. Just a short, yet incredibly effective 15 minute, acupuncture pressure point massage can really benefit you in the long run; alleviating those feelings of stress, fatigue and tiredness so you can luxuriate in a better night’s sleep.

The temple and eye massager has four different modes; air pressure, thermotherapy (formenting), time and music. The default mode is set with 5 minutes massage, air pressure and heating. You can alter the modes to however you like; different sounds, different air pressure, heating or prolong the massage to 15 minutes. There are an array of natural sounds such as water trickling, bird call, waves, cricket call, dripping water and a delightful piano song.

If you come down with a cold or flu; you will more often than not begin to suffer with blocked sinuses such as a blocked nose, ‘not popped’ ears and headaches. The MeTime Eye and Temple Massager can help relieve those symptoms by simply applying a significant amount of pressure around the temples, the third eye point (located between your eyebrows), bright light (the inner corners of the eyes) and all the way around the back of the ears to relieve headaches and blocked sinuses.

Such visual ailments like short sightedness, lazy eye or astigmatism (when the cornea/lens isn’t perfectly shaped) can even be relieved with the MeTime Eye and Temple Massager as it alleviates eyestrain that is often caused by focussing on something for long periods of time.

Devote yourself for some MeTime; they take time to care for you to feel great.

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SKU / Product Code 10213
Brand MeTime

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