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Menopause Test Kit (2 Tests)

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  1. Easy home test wand to see if you are menopausal
  2. Takes less than a minute to perform
  3. Results in 3 minutes, 2 wand tests per pack
  4. Knowing allows you to prepare for change & understand your body
  5. No fiddly specimen cups required - just wee on your wand!

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Are you experiencing hot flushes, irritability, irregular cycles, night sweats, depression, forgetfulness, loss of libido, vaginal dryness and insomnia?

These symptoms are early signs of menopause and this simple home test wand (2) will help you to find out for sure.

Menopause describes the last menstrual period a woman ever has. It can occur naturally or artificially such as following removal of the ovaries. The average age of the menopause is around 51 years but it can occur very much earlier than this.

With the StressNoMore Menopause home test kit you get two test wands - no fiddly cups in which to wee followed by pipettes of wee onto a casette - this is a simple one step process. Use early morning urine if possible, try to use mid-stream - wee on your wand, wait three minutes and see the result. Simple. We've all got better things to do and this is the quick and simple way to test to see if you are menopausal.

Please read these instructions carefully before performing your menopause test.

  When you are ready to urinate remove the midstream menopause test from the foil pouch.
  Remove the protective cap from the test wand to reveal the absorbent tip. Save the wand cap.
  Hold the test wand by the thumb grip with the exposed test tip pointing downwards and place directly into your urine stream for at least 10 seconds, until it is thoroughly wet. Take care not to urinate on the control or result panel.
  Remove the menopause test wand from the urine stream and replace the cap over the wet absorbent tip.
  Lay the menopause test wand on a clean, even surface with the result panel facing upwards, while you wait 3 minutes for the result. You may notice a pink colour moving across the windows as the menopause test begins to work.
  If you leave the test more than 10 minutes the result is not accurate and you should test again with another menopause test wand.


A line should appear in the control panel - this shows the menopause test wand is working properly. If no line appears the menopause test is invalid and you should test again with another menopause test wand.

If only one coloured line appears in the control panel the test result is negative. If a second line (the test panel) appears below the first line, which is lighter than the first line, then the test result is also negative.

If the second line in the test panel is of equal or greater colour intensity (darker) than the line in the control panel, this is a positive result.

Menopause Test Instructions

If your menopause test result is positive, repeat the test approximately one week later using the second test wand to confirm the result. F.S.H. elevates for short periods in normal cycles but it is the extended elevation of F.S.H., which could indicate menopause. If the second test wand is also positive, your symptoms are probably due to the menopause. You may wish to make an appointment to visit your doctor for further advice.

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SKU / Product Code 9023

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