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Male Urine Guard

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  1. 30 Male Urine Guards for male incontinence absorbs up to 2 oz, wicks moisture away
  2. Ultra-absorbent pads for light male incontinence with odour control
  3. Easy to apply and remove, ultra-discreet design to keep skin dry and comfortable
  4. Easy on/off and locks moisture away to keep skin dry, avoid soreness and urine odour
  5. A soft, comfortable and discreet alternative to male incontinence pads

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Male incontinence? The Male Urine Guard is a simple and ultra-discreet solution for men suffering light incontinence

Light adult incontinence is a problem that affects a large number of men, especially after prostate surgery, and the Male Urine Guard is a comfortable and discreet solution.

Made from a soft and comfortable absorbent material, the Male Urine Guard is a small, easy-to-use cap that simply fits over the head of the penis, and stays in place with soft and stretchy elastic. Unlike traditional incontinence pads, the Male Urine Guard is easily removed for going to the toilet at a urinal, and the removal process is completely unnoticeable by those around you. To protect clothing and underwear the urine guard has a liquid-proof outer plastic layer, giving the wearer confidence that any urine leaks (up to 2 oz) will be safely contained and absorbed, without any embarrassing tell-tale signs of a wet patch.

30 Disposable urine guards for men, with leakage protection and odour control

The soft and absorbent material locks moisture away, helping to keep the skin dry and prevent the soreness that can be associated with other incontinence products. The outside is made from a rustle-free waterproof plastic so there is no danger of the moisture leaking through on to your clothes, and the small and discreet size means that no-one other than you will know that you are wearing it.

The Male Urine Guard is simple to fit - simply open up the soft and absorbent pocket and place over the head of the penis. The comfortable elastic conforms to the shape of your penis and fits all sizes up to a 5 inch circumference. The ultra-thin lining is made of an extra absorbent material that locks moisture away and will not leak even if the Urine Guard is tipped upside down.

For those looking for a discreet alternative to incontinence pads for light male incontinence, the Male Urine Guard is a simple alternative that will help you to get on with your life. There are 30 Male Urine Guards per pack, and they should not be flushed in the toilet, but disposed in normal waste bins.

How to use the Male Urine Guard to protect against male incontinence, dribbles and male bed-wetting.

  • To use, simply spread open the Male Urine Guard with your index and middle fingers.
  • Use one of your index fingers to guide your penis through the opening.
  • Once your penis has been inserted, release the elasticated opening of the Male Urine Guard.
  • The Male Urine Guard is designed to fit comfortably over the head of the penis.

How To Use The Male Urine Guard

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SKU / Product Code 92459
Brand Jackson Medical Products
Recommended For Male urine incontinence and dribbling, incontinence protection for men
Included Contents 30 Male Urine Guards for male urinary incontinence
Material Ultra-absorbent lining to wick away moisture keeping skin comfortable, rustle-free plastic outer to protect clothing from tell tell urine stains and patches on trousers.
Adjustable Stretches to fit
Colour White
Disposable Yes
Size Stretches to fit a penis up to 6 inch circumference
Waterproof Yes
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Total : 8 Reviews
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V Good for travel Review by Ron
Product Rating
Excellent for travel and when out and about. It helps to contain drips and stop patches on trousers etc. I only suffer with light leaks so I don't think it would help with anything too serious. I preferred this option rather than a clamp and I find less obtrusive than other options. (Posted on 4 June 2013)
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(5 of 7 people found this review helpful)
Disappointing, Uncomfortable to put on and take off. Review by allcock
Product Rating
This product was rather disappointing as it was difficult to actually place over my penis and almost impossible to take off without causing me pain and discomfort. I persevered 3 days in a row but gave up when one came off during the night whilst I was asleep.
Also if you desire sex at short notice by the time you get the thing off the moment has passed.
I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone unless you enjoy pain and humiliation. (Posted on 24 July 2013)
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(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)
not good Review by kj
Product Rating
very disappointing almost impossible to put on it stuck to my penis i tried Vaseline but it made no difference also by the end of the day i was very sore would work for short periods but not a long term solution

Dear KJ
I am sorry this product has not met your expectations. Please contact Customer Services (you have not left us an e mail address) and we will try to resolve this for you, we want you to be entirely happy with your purchase.
[email protected] (Posted on 1 January 2014)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Questionable Result Review by Mr W
Product Rating
Better than nothing, better than normal pad but not easy to put on although did get easier in time but nevertheless still not easy. This is a product down to individual's preference - worth a try but not a preference for me. (Posted on 23 July 2014)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
A great alternative to a pad Review by Jedi Keeef
Product Rating
I have spina bifida and have been using various sizes of pads over the past 35 years. Having found myself being 90% dry for a while I started experimenting with different types of pads and after my last review with the continence nurse it was suggested that I try these. After reading the other reviews I was unsure but it's been 2 weeks and I'm pretty happy.

The best technique to apply the guard I have found is to insert your index fingers into it. Using the remaining fingers and thumb lift the penis and roll the foreskin back (can be tricky). Using your a thumb place the gland into the guard and then release your index fingers. I then make sure the foreskin is fully retracted and the gurard is around the base of the gland, finally I squeeze the trapped air out of the guard. I have not experienced any issues with the guard falling off. You can feel the guard on your penis but isn't that sensation reassuring that it is in place? If you feel it is uncomfortable I have found that it is normally due to the end of the guard being caught up and pulling on the gland. Simple solution is to stand and adjust your trousers which normally does the trick. (Posted on 25 September 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Good and not so good... Review by JMC
Product Rating
Some plus and minus points here. Great idea, but can be heavy and fall off when full of urine, so the 2 oz fluid capacity is a bit generous. I use mine at night to sleep as I leak less whilst laying down, also for social occasions. If at home during the day I will still use a pad as the absorbency is better because the greater area a pad affords.
In the meantime I have purchased a Kegel8 For Men and I am working on stopping the incontinence at source. It has been 6 months since my prostate removal and the fact that I am still without urinary control has been one of the most distressing parts of this episode.
The urine guards are easy to use, but they have their limits. (Posted on 8 September 2016)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Good for short periods of wear Review by Patrick
Product Rating
Having used these I can say that I feel they are well suited for shorter periods of wear, so I tend to use them for when I am going out - for shorter periods of time. I have not tried them for night wear as I feel that my leaking is quite considerable and the 2 oz stated would be easily exceeded.
Comfortable to use and easy to dispose of and carry spares. (Posted on 18 March 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Male Urine Guard Review by CJ
Product Rating
I have being using these now for over a week it took a little bit of an effort to put on but once on they are most comfortable in fact I would't know I have one on,

Having tried more pressure based guards which cause chaffing of the skin when in constant use no such issue with the Male Urine Guard.

A possible improvement would be an applicator which could open out the pouch thus allowing for easier application, that said I think they are a great improvement on other pouches I have used. (Posted on 17 April 2018)
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