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Lumie Desklamp

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  1. Daylight desk lamp helps to combat the symptoms of depression and SAD
  2. Lumie desk lamp with touch control operates at 10,000 LUX
  3. Natural and effective alternative to prescribed drugs
  4. Energy and mood levels are boosted
  5. Simulates sunlight flicker free for health, energy and vitality

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Lumie daylight desk lamp gives you the sunshine when you need it most

Lumie Energy Levels Chart

Who gets a thrill from waking up on a dark and dull Monday morning and then having to travel to work in the ‘not-so-much’ grey sunrise? Struggling to think of someone? Yeah – no one enjoys those winter skies; c’mon who would want to travel in what seems a dreary and dark abyss to work - we’d much rather be curled up, binge watching Netflix and eating a big bar of galaxy chocolate. Many of us sleep and eat more during the dismal days, but others can suffer to such an extent that it causes overeating, depression, complete lethargy and joint pain; this is known as SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is caused by the lack of bright light in winter – light helps regulate our daily rhythms and hormone production, and for some people, this lack of light can be a real and crippling problem on cloudy days.

The Lumie daylight desk lamp can ease the symptoms of SAD whilst you’re at work or at home; maybe you’re “blessed” with a hormonal teenager that needs a little boost when they’re doing homework at their desk. The SAD desk lamp has a small base which is perfect for any desk or table; the light emits at 10,000 LUX, with regular short intervals, the treatment can be more effective in alleviating these symptoms associated to SAD.

Lightboxes treat the symptoms of SAD and depression with summer levels of bright light. They lift mood, boost concentration and restore natural energy

Lumie Desklamp Lifestyle

This desk lamp is a stylish update to a traditional 'SAD lightbox' it includes 96 white LEDs which are blue-enriched in the part of the spectrum proven to regulate sleep patterns. A perfect addition to you or your teenager’s bed side table! The base of the unit is touch-control, offering four different light levels, all of which are proven to help combat the symptoms of SAD - even at the softest level treatment takes only 60 minutes. The neck is adjustable, providing you a delightful remedy whilst you’re reading your book in bed.

Believe it or not, studies have proven that the dull lighting often found in hospitals can contribute  to increased  pain and exhaustion, weakening a healthy immune system. We need to be exposed to 1500LUX for 15 minutes a day to establish a normal sleeping pattern – patients in hospitals receive a bare minimum of 150LUX. Researchers suggest that hospital lighting should be turned up and in the evening, turned all the way down to regulate a healthy sleeping pattern – with a sleeping pattern that is regulated and healthy, comes a healthy immune system. We appreciate that in a healthcare setting, facilities are restricted to tight budgets so why not take your health into your own hands at home with the range of Lumie SAD lights.

The Lumie daylight desk lamp can be really effective in reducing melatonin levels and boosting cortisol levels; the hormones that keep you awake and active – so no more exhausting Monday mornings at work!

Shine a little light at work and home – combat those dull and dismal days with the Lumie daylight desk lamp.

What do you get with the Lumie Desk lamp?

  • Stylish look compared  to other traditional lightbox designs making it more discrete/easier to use in the office
  • Features a high-contrast light with adjustable neck that is perfect for reading and office work.
  • Delivers a powerful 10,000 lux at a distance of only 22cm
  • Recommended treatment time with soft light diffuser is 60 minutes. Remove the diffuser and treatment time reduces down to 30 minutes.
  • This lamp can be used all day, or specifically for a period of treatment
  • 96 blue-enriched white LEDs designed to help regulate your body clock
  • 4 light levels, with touch-control

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SKU / Product Code 91962
Brand Lumie

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Doesn't scream SAD LAMP for SADDOs Review by Charlotte
Product Rating
Really nice looking desk lamp, that doesn't scream SAD LAMP for SADDOs! I always feel down when the nights draw in, and I find with supplementing my light levels for at least 60 mins a day, I do feel better. Prefer to keep this to myself in the office! (Posted on 11 December 2014)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
After using it a couple of weeks.... Review by Charlotte
Product Rating
It is nice, but I wonder if I had bought something like the Beurer TL90 I would have had a larger sunlight area than this desklamp,. so I have some back on here to buy the other model to use at home (which is cheaper, but the same power) whilst this one will stay at work. This one does not flicker either which I had to watch because another member of staff suffers epilepsy and was worried my lamp might spark a fit - it hasn't and I am careful how I use it - keeps the peace that way. (Posted on 2 January 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Good SAD light. Review by Trey
Product Rating
As shown in the picture. Very bright. Good SAD light. (Posted on 15 February 2016)
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Can't fault it! Review by Paul
Product Rating
Great lamp - looks great and works! (Posted on 25 May 2016)
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