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Lumie Clear Acne Light Treatment

  1. Acne light treatment developed with leading dermatologists heals the skin
  2. Kills bacteria - Light Therapy developed to specifically target acne causing bacteria
  3. Reduces inflammation use on face and or anywhere else on your body
  4. Built-in timer for quick, easy acne light therapy sessions privately at home
  5. CE marked medical device, the safe natural way to treat acne at home

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The easy way to clear acne without expensive clinic treatments with noticeable results after just 4 weeks!

Lumie Clear is a compact hand-held LED light therapy device clinically proven as a successful treatment for acne. It combines blue light to attack the bacteria that causes acne with red light that soothes inflammation and heals the skin.

Lumie Far

It is clean and simple to use; either hold the acne light next to your skin for 15 minutes of intensive acne treatment or attach it to the adjustable stand for a longer session on a wider area.

Drugs and creams can have unpleasant side effects and with prolonged use become less effective at controlling the condition. Lumie Clear has no side effects at all, it’s convenient, non-invasive, and is an easy to use form of acne therapy. It can also be used safely in conjunction with other acne treatments. Unlike drugs and creams Lumie Clear is a one-off cost that can actually work out cheaper over time.

The Study of Blue-Red Light Therapy for Acne

Acne often appears to improve after spending time in the sun. Research into the effects of light as a treatment have focused on two parts of the light spectrum: blue light (415nm), which attacks the Propionibacterium - acnes bacteria, and red light (660nm), which is known to soothe inflammation and promote healing.

Leading dermatologist Dr Tony Chu of Hammersmith Hospital studied these effects on over 100 patients prior to his research team working with Lumie to develop the Lumie Clear; those using a combination blue-red light acne therapy saw a real difference after four weeks. At twelve weeks their skin was, on average, 76% less inflamed and 56% clearer.

But it's not just for acne, it's a brilliant anti-ageing facial light too!

Red light therapy at a wavelength of 660nm, which the Lumie Clear Acne Treatment uses, can be used to treat wrinkles and fine lines, blemishes and redness, age spots and hyper pigmentation, and acne scars, as well as acne itself. Red light therapy also firms and tightens your skin, so can be used as a non-surgical face lift option.

But that's not all! Red light therapy promotes the healing of your skin, so is the perfect alternative to side-effect-causing medication, to help treat burns, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and athlete's foot.

Here's what it can do and the recommended treatment times 

  • Give you noticeable results in just 4 weeks!
  • Developed with the help of leading Dermatologists for the best home treatment without the use of harmful chemicals, peels and prescriptions
  • The blue lights kill the bacteria responsible for infection
  • The red LEDs help to take away the 'angry' inflammation associated with acne spots
  • There's a detachable head for close up treatment of a specific area
  • The adjustable stand means you can position it for face, neck and back treatments

In clinical tests after 12 weeks the testers' skin was 76% less inflamed and 58% cleaner!


Treatment times for Lumie Clear Acne Light Treatment depend on your distance from the lights. If you hold Lumie Clear next to your skin, you need only use it 15 minutes per day. To cover a wider area, for example to treat your back and shoulders, you can fix the light head onto its base and shine it on your skin for an hour from the recommended distance. The best thing is; the combination of red and blue light saves you having to undergo two separate treatment sessions.

Lumie Clear features a built-in timer so that you can accurately measure your acne treatment sessions. The hands-free stand allows you to get on with other things while the light is working on your skin. Goggles are also included, although you will only need them if the light is shining at your eyes.

The light head folds down into the base for compact storage and the whole unit is small enough for you to take with you when you go away so you need never miss a treatment.

Lumie Clear is a Certified Medical Device

Lumie Clear is certified to the Medical Devices Directive EC93/42. As a medical device, it conforms to European manufacturing standards and carries the correct CE mark.Made by Specialist Light Therapy Inventors Lumie, who specialise in light therapy products and nothing else giving you confidence in their knowledge and expertie - they really know their stuff!

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SKU / Product Code 82132
Brand Lumie

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Works well, but sad I have to keep using it to stop them coming back ;( Review by Pia97
Product Rating
Two things. It does work, but you have to keep using it. I suppose I was under the illusion that I would be 'cured' and the acne not come back, but I have to use it 3 2- 3 times a week to keep the spots from coming back and to calm the inflammation. I am pleased about this, but still upset that I think I will have to use it for the rest of my life
I am 18 and suffer bad acne on my lower cheeks, shoulders and chest. (Posted on 10 July 2015)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
It does work,it has helped no end. Review by Anonymous
Product Rating
I bought for my daughter for Acne and Eczema, and it is starting to clear both up in a matter of days, hopefully this will continue as he continues use.
It does work,it has helped no end. (Posted on 5 February 2015)
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(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)

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My skin contition is quite good, no spots on face, so I want to know if I can use this machaine as well? And could you give me some advices of using it according to my skin condition as I narratived.
I track my parcel, it said it can't deliver to my address, the parcel send to the sender, but I have already paid. Could you tell me how can I get back my money?
Have been advised by another company that Lumie Clear cannot be used for acne rosacea. Could you advised on this? Xx
Hi there

Would this be suitable for eczema skin? I am looking to tackle redness. Many thanks.
could you tell me that can I use this when I do a mask or after my skincare routine, or I can use this only before my skincare routine? Thanks so much