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Lumie Arabica

  1. Lumie Arabica lightbox helps to ease the symptoms of SAD
  2. Lumie Arabica regulates hormones that keep you awake and help you fall to sleep and sleep soundly!
  3. Natural alternative remedy to prescribed drugs for depression and insomnia
  4. Effective treatment in just 30 minutes a day
  5. Emits powerful 10,000 lux light that is flicker free

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Struggling to find motivation on a dull day? The Lumie Arabica light box can boost your energy levels and chase the blues away

If you’re one who loves their coffee, you’ll understand why Lumie named their lightbox Lumie Arabica. Arabica is a coffee bean that originated from the highlands of Ethiopia, and what does coffee do? Boosts you energy! Precisely what the Lumie lightbox intends to do, boost your energy and regulate the hormones that make you get up and go.

Lumie Arabica Lifestyle

The Lumie Arabica lightbox aids in easing symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder otherwise known as SAD; often during the cold, dreary winter months we succumb to over eating, over sleeping and lack of motivation, these could be mild symptoms of SAD. For some, the dismal days can be so effective that it can reduce people to depression, extreme fatigue and lack of motivation. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, the Lumie Arabica can naturally reduce these symptoms in a safe, drug-free alternative in just 30 minutes. No one likes those glum cloudy days.

Want to tackle those hormone levels that have gone haywire? The Lumie Arabica can help!

Struggling with a temperamental teenager? It’s normal, their hormones are flying everywhere; including those that control their sleeping/waking cycle. Sitting a Lumie Arabica lightbox on their desk or bed side table can help manage the hormones that aid in waking them up and making them feel motivated. The light emitted from the lightbox is 10,000 LUX; this will help reduce the levels of melatonin to keep your teenager awake and concentrated whilst doing their homework.

It's not just teenagers either, for women 'of a certain age' menopause depression can strike like a thunder bolt. If natural bright light is hard to come by either at home or at work, then topping up your light from another source such as this SAD light could be a life saver!  SAD lights such as this that give off 10,000 LUX (a measurement of brightness) have proven to be highly effective in fighting mood disorders.  And don't worry - with just 30 minutes of boosted light can help to increases energy levels and improves mood. We're also here to remind users that using this SAD light, (or any other SAD lightbox for that matter)  will not damage the skin or eyes like the ultraviolet rays from the sun can.

Scientific proof shows that better lighting like this light box can improve recovery rates in hospitals too!

Good Housekeeping Approved 2014

Studies have shown that the lighting in hospitals can have a an impact on how patients recover; a dimly lit hospital emits a bare minimum light of 150 LUX even though we should all be exposed to at least 15000 LUX. Poorly lit hospitals can disturb sleeping patterns, which can contribute to exhaustion, increased pain and a weakening to the immune system.

To improve mood and possibly improve patient’s’ recovery, turning the lights up brighter and exposing patients’ to more light can be a radical development.

If you find it difficult to concentrate at work; the Lumie Arabica can sit at your desk, it’s simple, sleek design means it can fit anywhere on your desk, and you don’t even have to sit and stare at it. The light therapy works just as effective when it’s stood on your desk.

Send the blues away and brighten up your family home with the Lumie Arabica.

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SKU / Product Code 91960
Brand Lumie
Power 10000 lux
User Manual View and/or Download the Lumie Arabica User Manual
Colour White
Depth 17cm (6.7 inches)
Height 38cm (15 inches)
Product Weight 1.69kg
Width 22cm (8.7 inches)
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Total : 3 Reviews
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My little light shower Review by Mona
Product Rating
I know all too well about depression and the seasonal effect that the darker days have on my mood and my ability to sleep. I have done all I can to combat this naturally I have tried the following three things that have a big improvement on my quality of life: a) autogenic training (relaxation techniques) b) Shiatsu massages and c ) this lamp . The lamp I use every morning as soon as I wake up for about 30 mins. I feel that my mood is vastly improved (melatonin levels etc)
I cannot say that this lamp is a miracle cure-all, we are all different, but it has made a big difference for me. I can only write my personal opinion and that the Lumie Arabica is very good, it showers me with light and I feel the benefit from it. I plan to use it in the spring probably until May/June, but I will see how I go as I am desperate not to loose the 'feel-good feelings i have found with my changes. I think that this lamp should be in every household and I would not be without mine! (Posted on 26 January 2015)
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(8 of 8 people found this review helpful)
Good service Review by Dot
Product Rating
Ordered this initially, but cancelled and bought the cheaper Beurer one, which offer the same Lux, and I am delighted with the sad lamp and the level of service
Thank you.
Dot (Posted on 28 July 2015)
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Great lamp! Review by Winterior
Product Rating
Life changing little gadget, squinty little wintereyes have opened. (Posted on 5 November 2017)
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