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Lanaform Full Tech Filter Air Purifier & Ioniser

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  1. Ionic air purifier with HEPA filter keeps your family healthy
  2. Allergy air purifier combats air pollution, pollen, bacteria and allergens
  3. Lanaform air purifier is an essential for allergy sufferers
  4. Helps prevent respiratory problems caused by allergens
  5. Eliminates smoke and particles and improves your quality of life

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SKU: 10965

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Ionic air purifier rids your home of air pollution and allergens leaving you with clean, fresh and safe air to breathe

air purifier controllerAre you someone who tends to have a lot of allergies? If a slight raise in pollen sets you off into a sneezing frenzy or passive cigarette smoke makes your eyes water and blocks up your sinuses then it's time you did something about it.

Having an air purifier in your home can help you eliminate all these problems giving you a better quality of life from the air you breathe – it’s time to put an end to your suffering and stop damaging your families health.

The Lanaform Full Tech Filter Air Purifier boasts a unique and attractive design which means that it can purify the polluted air in your home effectively and can help to combat all those irritating symptoms of allergies. With the Full Tech Filter Air Purifier you can eliminate smoke, pollen, allergens air pollution and dust particles all with the touch of a button making the air you breathe safe and clean. Moreover, the air filter is an essential if you are a pet owner, dog smells and pet dander can inhibit you from enjoying them as much as you should. There is a general misconception that pet allergies are caused by pet hair but it’s actually their dander – so no matter how much pet hair you vacuum up, if pets make you sniffle it’s not going to help. That pesky sniffle is caused by their dander which is in the air you breathe – but not if you have a Lanaform Air Purifier!

lanaform air purifier What are the main features of the full tech air filter and how will it make your air safe?

This air purifier is fitted with a central multi-layer filtration kit, including a HEPA air filter and can therefore produce a permanent output of clean, pure air for you to enjoy. It also removes potentially harmful particles from the air around you and your loved ones, thus improving your quality of life. Did you know that even spraying your aerosols and favourite air fresheners can be polluting your air with toxic chemicals and contributing to respiratory problems? Your home should be a place of relaxation not a dangerous place which can damage your health! The air purifier comes equipped with many beneficial features some of which include:

  • A multi-layer filter kit for highly effective air filtration to trap all those different particles stopping them entering your lungs
  • Boasts odour and dust sensors which adjust the ventilator speed to effectively cleanse your air trapping all the nasties
  • Produces negative ions which improve the quality of the air leaving the air smelling fresh and clean with no musty smells or aromas of yesterday’s meal!
  • 3 filter speeds: Fast/Medium/Slow depending on what filter speed you need
  • Set the timer: 1 to 8 hours so your air purifier can do its work while you’re out and about
  • Remote control for easy operation with LCD screen

Combat all the air pollutants such as aerosol pollution, pollen, bacteria and allergens for the health benefits of your whole family. Don’t go another day breathing in toxic chemicals and damaging your health. The Ionic air purifier by Lanaform will protect you and your loved ones while looking like a stylish accessory in your home.


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SKU / Product Code 10965
Brand Lanaform

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