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Lanaform Beauty Light

  1. Red light therapy reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  2. Green facial light therapy reduces hyperpigmentation
  3. Get softer, smoother skin with more elasticity
  4. Achieve beauty salon results in your own home
  5. Clinically proven, suitable for all skin types

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Two types of skin light therapy in one product!

If you’ve tried all sorts of skincare products with barely any results, you may be sceptical of any new treatments. Well, we’ve finally found one that actually works – the clinically proven power of collagen light therapy! Lanaform’s Beauty Light uses two different types of LED light to gently and painlessly restructure your skin from the inside. After just 24 minutes of relaxing treatment, you’ll start to see results that will amaze everyone you know! By moving the Beauty Light across your face as shown in the handy instruction booklet, you can harness this scientific skincare revolution for yourself. Suitable for all skin types, the red and green attachments have many benefits, as detailed below:

Red light attachment – reduces wrinkles and firms skin

Lanaform Beauty Light with red attachment

Red light LEDs have been proven to be a highly effective and safe way of treating everything from cancer to sports injuries. This is because the wavelength of red light is able to reach beneath the skin to alter and improve the way your cells work. This makes it fantastic for skincare as it can make your cells renew and repair themselves, leading to a youthful and fresh complexion. When the red light hits your skin it increases your circulation, which helps with cell repair. By painless penetrating into the lower layers it stimulates the fibroblast cells that create collagen and elastane, causing them to increase their production. Collagen plumps skin and fills wrinkles and fine lines, while elastane firms and reduces sagging. The more of these substances you have the better! Red light is also effective at reducing any inflammation in your skin, decreasing problems like acne, rosacea and eczema.

Lanaform conducted a study of their Beauty Light and found that after just 28 days of treatment, 90% of women reported fewer wrinkles and fine lines, and skin that was smoother, firmer and more elastic. What a result!

Green light attachment – Reduces hyperpigmentation, brightens and softens skin

Hyperpigmentation occurs as a result of sun damage, age, hormonal changes and various medical conditions. Your body starts to overproduce a substance called melanin, which is responsible for the colour of your eyes, skin and hair. This causes brown or orange patches to appear, resulting in an uneven complexion that makes many people feel unattractive. The green attachment for the Lanaform Beauty Light uses green LEDs to target the melanocyte cells in your skin that produce melanin. The light is able to reach these cells and inhibit their production of melanin, as well as stopping it from reaching the surface of your skin. It also breaks up existing clusters of melanin to reduce the hyperpigmentation that you already have.

Lanaform’s clinical trial of the Beauty Light found that:

  • 70% of women reported softer skin
  • 65% felt their skin was brighter
  • 73% saw a reduction in age spots
  • 65% had less sun spots

Results like these speak for themselves - by using the device for just 24 minutes every 2-3 days, you’ll see the same improvements in your complexion and have everyone asking what your secret is!

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SKU / Product Code 10941
Brand Lanaform

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good product Review by busy skin
Product Rating
skin texture changes, improvement.
serum is better used than a moisturiser.
it is possible to achieve good small but noticeable results - if using one light for 10 min. am and another 10min in eve. After a week.

when plugged in, the green light starts to flicker, plug needs to be held down with one hand while using machine other.

i also have very sensitive skin.
individuals using the machine will be guided by the results a I was, and felt 10 min am & pm was enough for me. (Posted on 14 March 2017)
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Product Questions

I bought a landform beauty light late last year and now it won't work. When I plug it in the light goes off after a few seconds. I don't have the receipt, what can I do.
Hi, I was wondering if the lanaform beauty light is ok to use, I have multiple sclerosis, & sensitive skin ?