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Lanaform Beauty Aspect Beauty Care Cellulite Remover

  1. Cellulite massager for body & face to banish orange peel skin once and for all
  2. Vacuum massage to provide a permanent solution to combating cellulite
  3. Vacuum suction machine to give you smooth, firm and glowing skin
  4. Uses the “palpate and roll” action and suction to combat cellulite
  5. An easy solution for long-term results

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Cellulite massager to rid you of orange peel skin leaving you feeling smooth, toned and beautiful

The Beauty Aspect is an indulgent and effective massage solution which helps fight cellulite and wrinkles with a combination of palpate and roll and suction actions to stimulate the effects on the surface and deep tissue of your skin.

The Beauty Aspect massager will prove to be an essential in regaining or keeping the figure which you desire. The Vacuum Massage Device not only helps eliminate that frustrating orange peel skin, it also enables you to regain skin which is smoother and more even in appearance.

Why should you use the Lanaform Beauty Aspect "Vacuum" Massage Device? Excess fats in our bodies can end up being stored in all the places we are most conscious about, it can make skin look unsightly, uneven and riddled with cellulite. The practice of massage helps disperse this unwanted fat and can even help prevent it from forming.  All you need to do is possess a little perseverance and partake in carrying out a continuous action of pressure and pinching accompanied using your new massage device. By using progressive movement from the bottom to top (in the direction of blood circulation) on the desired area to be treated, the massage motion assists in breaking down the fat nodes and the heat produced by this friction then assists the body in removing them from the body part being massaged. Not only does it help banish cellulite, this technique also acts on blood microcirculation which helps in promoting lymph drainage.

beauty aspect massage deviceWhat do you get with your Lanaform Beauty Aspect "Vacuum" Massage Device?

For the ‘roll’ action, the massager has 4 body tissue roller heads (15, 25, 35 and 55mm) so you can roll deep for a sculpting effect. Each head is equipped with 3 integrated rollers to improve the effectiveness of the massage. For the ‘lift’ action, there are 3 tissue sculpting heads for face neck and chest tissue (10, 12 and 18mm). The 10 and 12mm sculpting heads are used for particularly delicate areas, such as the eyes and nose. The 18mm sculpting head has a fixed ball for larger areas, just simply move the sculptor over the area to be treated. You can also use your cellulite massager with anti-dimpling cream or any other suitable beauty cream of your choice.

Your Beauty Aspect Box Set can carry out 5 beneficial actions including:

Relaxation & recuperation – to reduce stress and muscle tension

Blood Circulation in the body - Improves microcirculation in the legs

Anti-dimpling and figure remodelling – smooth unsightly dimples caused by cellulite

Firmness and tone – combats saggy skin, lines and wrinkles

Tissue Harmonisation – Relaxing, pleasant and effective

A combination of palpate, roll and suction actions for firmer skin

What makes this cellulite massager so effective is its multiple techniques which incorporates palpate, roll and suction actions. These technique has been well known for many years to the institutes and it guarantees better results when repeated on a regular basis over a long period of time. But as everyone knows, this practice can soon become a little long, tedious and costly. With Lanaform's Beauty Aspect Vacuum Massage device you can enjoy a quick and effective massage whenever you want from the comfort of your own home. The vacuum massager has been specially developed for those areas where grease collects rapidly such as the thighs, buttocks and stomach. To start with, we recommend using the cellulite massager every day for roughly 10 minutes. When you begin to see your first results, use it approximately three times per week.

massage device with interchangeable heads Enjoyable and easy to use you can expect excellent results

The innovatively designed Beauty Aspect Device from Lanaform has been designed to treat and banish unsightly cellulite from the areas you don’t want it while smoothing and toning your skin.

To prove its efficiency, a study was carried out over 30 days in a laboratory measuring the fat loss from around certain body parts and the results were astounding. The official results of the efficacy study were:

  • Maximum loss (in cm) * of 1.4cm around the thigh
  • Maximum loss (in cm)  * of 3.5cm around the hips
  • Maximum loss (in cm) * of 2.5cm around the waist

A huge 70% of women feel that it had a positive effect on the look of cellulite, what are you waiting for? Don’t stare at the parts you hate in the mirror any longer – take action because you now have the solution to your problems. Start loving your body with the Beauty Aspect "Vacuum" Massage Device by Lanaform.



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SKU / Product Code 10914
Programmes Programme 1 - carries out 30 suctions per minute. Programme 2 - carries out 120 suctions per minute. Programme 3 - carries out 260 suctions per minute. Programme 4 - carries out 430 suctions per minute
Brand Lanaform
Recommended For Combatting orange peel skin and cellulite
Can be used with anti-dimpling cream or any other suitable beauty cream of your choice.
Included Contents 4 body tissue roller heads (15, 25, 35 and 55mm) 3 tissue sculpting heads for face neck and chest tissue (10, 12 and 18mm) & storage case
Power UK Adaptor/plug. Factory fitted, screw fixed adaptor to the EU plug
User Manual View and/or Download the User Manual
Colour White
Controller Timer touch control
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Wouldnt be without this cellulite remover! Review by DolViri
Product Rating
Definitely not the cheapest but I am very happy with the results. Much smoother thighs, I have also been taking collagen supplements so I think this concerted effort has really helped. Easy to use, but of bruising at first, but I soon got used to it.

My best friend wants to borrow it - NO WAY! (Posted on 21 June 2017)
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If you are serious about stubborn cellulite... Review by NadineDeFrei
Product Rating
Initially bought for my cellulite, but I have also used it on my face. Great results, glowing complexion and thighs not so ruckled and orange peely (if that's a word)
Pluses - If you are determined to make inroads into stubborn cellulite this is the beauty.
Downside? Takes a while, but the results make it worthwhile. (Posted on 28 June 2017)
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