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Ki Fit Weight Loss and Wellness Monitor Include Subscription Codes


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  1. Ki Fit Weight Loss and Wellness Monitor - Includes 1 Month Subscription
  2. Clinically proven to increase weight loss by 3 times
  3. Monitors your calorie intake, calories burnt, activity, sleep patterns and more
  4. A classified medical device ideal for monitoring wellbeing illnesses such as ME
  5. Behaves like a personal trainer to ensure you get the most out of your workout
  6. Innovative technology featuring in Sky1's OBESE: A Year To Save My Life

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SKU: 82504


Ki Fit is a medical device of genius technology for weight loss and all-round health and wellbeing monitoring; the saviour on Sky1’s new documentary OBESE: A Year To Save My Life

Discover with Ki Fit how your metabolism is the key to weight loss. This astonishing technology is clinically proven to increase weight loss by 3 times. Say goodbye to tedious fad diets, change your lifestyle for good with Ki Fit.

The Ki Fit system is designed to help you manage your lifestyle – from calorie consumption to exercise and sleep efficiency. Although this technology is highly innovative it is actually very simple to use; just wear your Ki Fit armband and then upload your data to your PC or laptop – it really is that simple!

Exclusively to StressNoMore, your Ki Fit comes with 1 month’s subscription enabling you to log on to your Online Activity Manager, the other key component to the Ki Fit System. It is from here you can synchronise your Ki Fit armband to view and monitor your data; calorie consumption, calories burned, physical activity and more. Log your meals and personal goals on your activity manager and in partnership with your armband, your Ki Fit becomes your personal trainer.

The Ki Fit with Online Activity Manager provides you with information so versatile it is beneficial not only to weight loss but your over-all health and wellbeing.

If you are an exercise fanatic then your eating habits are just as important as if you were trying to lose weight; to under-eat and then carry out a testing workout session can be damaging to your body and any desired effects of visible muscle definition can be tainted. With the Ki Fit food diary you can monitor the calories you consume against the calories you burn in order to keep a healthy balance to get the most out of your workout.

The Ki Fit has the ability to measure your daily activity, from a walk to the shops to an hour of house work. In turn, worn at night, the armband monitors your sleep. These two qualities work great with the food diary if you suffer from any kind of wellbeing illness, whether that be an unexplained feeling of constant fatigue or diagnosed ME. With such conditions you are often advised to monitor your sleep and activity – Ki Fit removes the guess work and offers precise comparable results so you can understand your body better.

The science in a nutshell

Your Ki Fit armband contains a whole range of innovative sensors, which take five different ‘views’ of your life; motion, galvanic skin response (electrical conductance of the skin), skin temperature, heat flux, and steps. Once these readings have been taken, the device can determine what kind of exercise you are getting and how strenuous it is for you as an individual.

There are several products that measure specific metrics during particular parts of your day. But the Ki Fit System is not a heart rate monitor, a GPS or pedometer. In fact, it's different from any other performance monitor on the market because it gives you a comprehensive view of your total activity on a daily basis.

The Ki Fit System measures calories and activity throughout your day and that not only includes time at the gym or exercise class, but is accurate enough to include doing household chores, playing with the kids or even watching a film at the cinema.

The Ki Fit has been clinically proven to measure calorie burn and levels of physical activity accurately. It is a medical device and as such, features some of the most cutting edge technology on the market.

PC System Requirements

- PC or Mac with USB port Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac OS X v10.5 on Intel platform, and Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard) on Intel platform

- 256 MB RAM or higher

- Online Subscription required

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SKU / Product Code 82504
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Worked for me - 7lbs and counting Review by Rachel W
Product Rating
I really like the KiFit, it is easy to use, putting it on shows you exactly how much you have walked - but more inportantly how much you dont walk (well that was my experience!)
The back-end (you login to the KiFit site) is nice and straightforward, but be warned you have to enter in all the information for it to be able to work out your calorie cinsumption (bit American in places) and calories burned.
I really got into in is a short period of time and found it very useful, I dont know why but I also felt like exercising more, because I knew it would record it. So its a winner for me, I have a 6 month subscrition and I have lost half a stone so far so it has worked for me.
If I have one criticism is that I would have preferred it to be slimmer and more easy to concesl - if I wear it on my arm it shows through my shirt and I would have preferred that I could wear it daily without anyone knowing (It mainly shows when I wear white shirts) But that is my only criticism. (Posted on 4 June 2013)
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