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KaWe Med Iontophoresis Machine

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  1. For the treatment of Hyperhidrosis - to stop excessive sweating
  2. Tap water Iontophoresis machine with 2 water trays for the treatment of hands and feet
  3. Never suffer the embarrassment of excessive sweating again
  4. Completely safe and cost-effective home treatment
  5. Contains everything you need for an effective treatment

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Is excessive sweating becoming a problem?

Sweating is your body’s natural reaction when you get hot or do exercise, it’s like your body’s own air conditioning system. However, some people suffer from an embarrassing condition that causes sweating excessively even if body doesn't need to cool down, this is called hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis causes the individual to sweat up to 4 times as much as a non-sufferer would, making them feel self-conscious and slightly embarrassed.

As many as 3 people in every 100 in the UK suffer from the condition, that’s close to 2 million people living with the disorder. The condition can affect the whole body, but the most common places tend to be the palms of your hands, armpits, and the soles of your feet.

Excessive sweating can be embarrassing and distressing especially when it comes to public situations. It can stop you working out which can impact on your weight, it can stop you attending social events which can have an impact on your mental health, so when it begins to interfere with your everyday life it’s time to take control.

Although there are no definitive guidelines when it comes to what is classed as excess sweating, if it starts to have a negative effect on your everyday life then you have a problem which should be addressed. You are likely to have hyperhidrosis if:

  • You worry about physical contact such as hand shaking as you worry about someone noticing your sweaty hands
  • You have difficulty in your job with little things like holding a pen or writing
  • Driving becomes difficult as you have problems with sweaty hands which causes bad grip
  • You spend a large chunk of your day trying to combat the sweat by changing your clothes, washing, drying constantly, and trying to hide it from others
  • You become increasingly socially withdrawn and begin to avoid situations you would normally love

The proven, non-invasive, side-effect free treatment for excessive sweating

Iontophoresis uses a medical device, water, and a direct electrical current that passes an ionized substance through the skin. The process has long been used to treat hyperhidrosis. In fact, tap water iontophoresis has long been considered by many dermatologists to be the first and best line of treatment for excessive sweating.

 Tap water iontophoresis is a treatment for excessive sweating that interferes with the sweat glands located just below the outer layer of the skin. This treatment has been found to treat more than 90% of cases of hyperhidrosis. Even though it is using a combination of an electrical current and water, when following all the instructions, iontophoresis is completely risk free. Unlike creams or medication, tap water iontophoresis does not rely on potentially harmful chemicals and because hyperhidrosis is a life-long condition, choosing a chemical free treatment is much better long term. Although the initial cost may seem a bit, Iontophoresis is well regarded as the best and most cost-effective treatment option for palmar (hands) and plantar (feet) hyperhidrosis because of its longevity.

Boasting a high success rate the KaWe SwiSto3 Iontophoresis Set is a simple, safe and easy way to combat your excessive sweating from the comfort of your own home. Through the tap water iontophoresis and via skin electrodes, a harmless and gentle electronic current is passed through the affected areas such as the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. Just 2- 3 treatments a week for just 20-30 minutes will provide you with significant results. Once you have begun to see improvements you can reduce treatments down to just once a week.


Scientific tests have shown that this procedure can also lead to excellent therapeutic effects for gram-negative foot infection, dyshidrotic eczema, pustulosis palmaris et plantaris, acrocyanosis and arthrosis. 

Don’t let excessive sweating get in the way of your life anymore- regain your confidence with KaWe SwiSto3 Iontophoresis Set.


*Do not use if*

You have a pacemaker, metallic joint replacements, pregnant, contraceptive coils, or large skin defects that can’t be covered by Vaseline or bandages.

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SKU / Product Code 12257
Programmes On/Off, Increase/Decrease Current, Pulsed Programmes
Brand StressNoMore
Included Contents 1 x SwiSto3 Machine, 2 x Water Trays, 2 x Plate Electrodes (150 x 220 mm), 1 x Charging Plug
No. of Electrodes 2
Electrode Surface Area 150mm x 220mm
Certification CE
Power Li-Ion Rechargable Battery & Mains Plug
Guarantee Machine Comes with 48 Months Manufacturer Guarantee
CE Approved Yes
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