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Jes-Extender Gold Medical Penis Device

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  1. Penis traction device is clinically proven to enhance size and treat curvature
  2. Jes-Extender is coated in 24 Carat Gold to eliminate any irritation of nickel sensitivity
  3. A natural, drug-free and non-invasive alternative to surgery with proven successful results
  4. Increases the length of the penis both flaccid and erect
  5. A lightweight penile traction device for optimum comfort

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Feel confident and avoid surgery naturally, drug-free and safely with the greatest penile traction device

Urology-AssociationComing to terms with having to use a penis extender can be disheartening and embarrassing; but devices such as the Jes-Extender Gold are more commonly used than you might think. Men suffering with Peyronie’s disease or with microphallus (the technical term for a penis smaller than 7cm), can have a real effect on their mental health; their insecurity of their condition can lead them to have severe depression which in itself can disrupt sexual performance and effect relationships , especially when they feel there is no treatment other than surgery. But there is an alternative that is safe, drug-free and no surgery is required!

The Jes-Extender Gold device is completely safe with proven results to successfully increase the length and the girth of the penis, even when it is flaccid. The Jes-Extender doesn’t just help to increase the size of the penis; it also helps to reduce curvature for anyone suffering from Peyronie’s disease. The idea behind the Jes-Extender is that you should feel comfortable and relaxed, as this is where the best results form. The penis extender device is extremely lightweight so you don’t even realise that you’re wearing it! It can be worn discreetly in loose trousers so you can wear the Jes-Extender for the recommended period of 6 hours. You can go to work, sit at home, whatever you wish to do; you can wear the penis traction device hassle free so you can get bigger and better results quicker than ever before.

What’s more is there are no side effects; no headaches, no dizziness and certainly no scarring or pain from using the device unlike the side effects you would get after surgery! Wearing the Jes-Extender for 4-6 hours a day, you will really notice the results which will astound you. Studies have clinically proven that wearing this device to cure Peyronie’s Disease; the curve can be corrected and straightened by 80%, reducing the curvature painlessly and comfortably to avoid penile surgery all together – PHEW.

Want to see the results for yourself?

A study was carried out with men (aged 30 – 68) who were diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease. The men used a Jes-Extender over a six month period and the results were measured; In 6 cases, multiple fibrotic plaques (scar tissue) build up was decreased and in all cases, the curvature in the penis was reduced and the length of the penis was increased.


Why using a Jes-Extender penis traction will be beneficial for you?

Peyronie’s disease is a condition that effects 1 out of 11 men; this condition is an accumulation of scar tissue (fibrous plaques) along the shaft of the penis causing it to bend abnormally; the bend can be so severe that getting an erection can be extremely painful and incredibly difficult to perform sexual intercourse. Sadly, there is no solid evidence as to how Peyronie’s disease is developed; it may be due to genetic make-up or damage to blood vessels, the question is still unanswered.

The surgical operation involves a ‘tuck’ procedure; this tuck removes tissue from the opposite side to where the build-up of scar tissue is collected, however this procedure includes shortening the penis length – talk about going from bad to worse!

The Jes-Extender Gold avoids surgery, pain, drugs and any risk of shortening the penis; this comfortable device helps amend the curvature in a non-invasive manner by using a traction method with a pressure of between 1,200g and 1,500g. Unlike the surgery, the Jes-Extender actually helps to extend the penis by straightening it, gaining length and girth when the penis is both flaccid and erect - two birds with one stone springs to mind!

Why Jes-Extender is right for you?

Danish Design Award Winner

The Jes-Extender Gold is perfect for any man who has extremely sensitive skin; the penile traction device is coated in 24 carat gold to avoid any possible irritation so you can use it frequently with no hassle. All of the Jes-Extender range is made from exceptionally high-class materials and each and every product is produced by hand to ensure that they are all lightweight and comfortable.

The Jes Extender Gold comes in a robust mahogany box, with a DVD of instructions in six different languages and all of the spare parts you may need to get optimum results from your Jes-Extender.


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SKU / Product Code 83254

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