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Invertmate™ Inversion Therapy Table

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Key Features
  1. Inversion table decompresses the spine to relieve back pain
  2. Natural, quick and pain free relief from back and neck pain
  3. InvertMate™ has 4 safety features to be the safest inversion table available
  4. Also improves flexibility, heart health and reduces the symptoms of migraines
  5. Easy to assemble, all tools included
  6. Please note: due to the size of this item, it cannot be sent outside of the UK

Struggle to get out of bed in the morning due to back pain?

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for sick days in the UK, with as many as 4 out of 5 of us falling victim to back pain at some point in our lives. If you regularly suffer from back pain, it can feel like you’ve got the weight of the world on your back, this may actually be truer than you might think. Gravity is a constant force working on your body, pulling down your spine and compressing it. This stress on your back eventually takes its toll, especially on your spine. The downward pull compresses each of your vertebrae, squeezing the tissue (disks) between them. This results in the disk bulging out and interfering with the nerves in your back, causing pain in your back and other body parts.

Use anywhere on your body

The only time this pressure is released from your body is when you lay down, however, this only offers mild relief from the pain as it just removes the pressure, it doesn’t do anything to decompress the spine and allow the disks to return to a healthy shape.

Inversion is the answer to your back pain

If gravity compresses your spine when you're upright by pulling down on it, then to stretch it out and decompress you would need gravity to work the other way. Of course, the laws of physics can’t be altered! However, your body position can be. Inversion therapy essentially is you being held upside down from your feet, gravity then pulls on your body stretching out the vertebrae and allowing the disks to reshape; relieving back pain and increasing recovery speed and success.

Don’t worry, there are simple and safe ways of performing inversion therapy, you don’t have to hang out your bedroom window by your ankles. An inversion table is one of the best, most effective and safe ways to relieve back and neck pain through inversion therapy. If you have your own inversion table you can relieve your back every day, in the comfort of your own home.

As well as reducing back and neck pain, an inversion table has been found to;

  • Increase flexibility: Loosening sore and stiff joints allows you to move more freely
  • Improve cardiovascular health: The inverted position can help improve the flow of blood around the body
  • Alleviate respiratory conditions: Inversion therapy increases oxygen absorption to reduce breathing difficulty
  • Improve energy, focus, and mood: The extra blood flow to the brain whilst inverted increases the brain's power and leads to a reduction in anxiety
  • Reduce headaches and migraines: The added blood flow to the brain brings more oxygen and nutrients to ensure you experience fewer headaches

Inversion therapy is brilliant for cardiovascular and respiratory systems

Positioning the feet higher than the heart is an effective way of supporting the heart in its important role. The heart pumps freshly oxygenated blood to different parts of the body through the arteries, and receives deoxygenated blood carrying waste products - such as carbon - via the veins. With the heart being so high up in the body, gravity can affect ‘venous return’ which can have several health consequences, both minor and major, including varicose veins and swollen feet and legs (edema). It can also put you at risk of a pulmonary embolism.    

When the feet are placed higher than the heart, blood flow is helped greatly, and venous return is improved. In fact, studies have shown greater drainage of the calves and legs when the body is reclining with the head down.

The lungs are also affected by gravity in a way you can’t see or even feel. In the alveoli of the lungs, oxygen from the air you breathe in is absorbed into your blood, and carbon dioxide from your blood is transferred to the air in your lungs so you can expel it as you breathe out. When blood is pumped from the heart into the lungs, the blood fills the bottoms of the lungs first, due to gravity. This means that the upper portions of the lungs do not see the same level or frequency of gas exchange that the lower lungs do, in short; the bottom half of the lungs are doing all of the work. Going upside down enables the even distribution of oxygenated blood across the surface area of the lungs, rather than leaving some areas empty while other areas do all the work.

Why chose the InvertMate™ Inversion Table?

Hanging yourself upside down is quite a scary thought, you are putting yourself in a very vulnerable position and if you already have a bad back, falling on your head is the last thing you need. InvertMate™ Inversion Table has been expertly designed with your safety a key focus. Many cheaper and more basic alternatives feel much less sturdy and safe, as such you are less likely to use them regularly, leaving you right back at square one.

The InvertMate™ has 4 special features to improve your safety and feeling of security whilst using it;

  • Adjustable foot hold: Ensures your feet are securely yet comfortably held allowing you to invert all the way round
  • Shoulder guard: Even though your feet are secure in the hold you have the added security of two pads that will stop you from falling off the inversion table. Your shoulders will never actually touch the guard as that would stop the decompression but it is good to know they are there as an added safety
  • Safety belt: The adjustable and comfortable safety belt adds another layer of safety
  • Soft grip handles: The handles on the side allow you to control your inversion gently and gradually so that you don’t spin round too quickly. The foam on the handles allows you to get a firm, non-slip grip

As well as the safety features the InvertMate™ Inversion Therapy Table has a solid steel frame that can support up to 100kg (220lb/15st 10lb) in weight.

Using the InvertMate™ is a comfortable and relaxing experience, the soft padded backboard and foam pads on the neck and feet supports allow you comfortably invert and relax for back pain relief.

Who should use the InvertMate™?

Inversion therapy is useful for anyone, even if you don’t suffer from back pain right now, after all, prevention is always better than a cure. However, it is particularly beneficial for easing the symptoms of;

  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Strain or pain from lifting heavy items (manual workers/gym goers)
  • Poor circulation
  • Golfing injury (the rotation of the spine when you swing can cause back pain)
  • Sedimentary lifestyles

Your quick-start guide to inversion therapy

  1. Make sure the ankle supports are at the right height and are holding your ankle securely
  2. Start with an inversion of about 15 degrees and stay this way until you feel comfortable
  3. Increase the angle each time as you become more confident, working your way up by about 10 degrees each week until you reach a maximum of 60-90 degrees
  4. Increase the duration of your inversion slowly for up to 10 minutes
  5. Keep your body relaxed as you are inverted and enjoy the feeling of relief on your joints
  6. As you are coming back upright, stay in a horizontal position for 1-2 minutes to let your blood flow adjust
  7. Use 2-3 times a day as needed
More Information
Recommended ForNatural treatment for back pain by decompressing the spine
Included ContentsInversion table, tools, assembly instructions
User ManualView and/or Download the Invertmate Inversion Therapy Table Instructions
AdjustableYes- Heights between 130cm (4ft 3) and 190cm (6ft 3)


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