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Intimina Lily Cup Compact Menstrual Cup


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  1. Reusable collapsible menstrual cup with pretty compact storage case
  2. Ultra-soft and non-irritant with period cover up to 6 hours
  3. The world’s first collapsible menstrual cup
  4. Comfortable to wear, spill-free and easy to use alternative to tampons
  5. Hypoallergenic, protects intimate vaginal balance and no risk of TSS

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The world’s first collapsible, compact menstrual cup can save you £££s on tampons and pads

Intimina Lily Cup Handbag

Can you guess how many tampons the average woman uses in a year? It’s been calculated that 1,625 tampons a year are used; now that’s a lot for just one woman! On average, a woman menstruates 2,470 days in her life time, that’s adds up to around 12,000 disposable menstrual products – for just one woman!

We don’t mean to alarm you, but that’s a LOT of pennies you could save (remember those to-die-for shoes you saw on the internet last week…). Not only are you saving pounds on tampons and sanitary towels by using a menstrual cup, you are saving the environment from disposable waste. It has been estimated that all the disposable sanitary products that are used by women across the world, can weigh up to 6x the Titanic’s weight. We know – it’s outrageous!

So, what’s the solution? After all, a penny saved is a penny earned. Introducing, Intimina:


Intimina Lily Cup Compact Sizing

Why is the Intimina Lily Cup Compact perfect for you?

That’s why the Lily Cup Compact Menstrual Cup is perfect; it is the only menstrual cup that is collapsible and comes in its own compact case that is the size of a lip balm tin. It’s discreet, convenient, and reusable, you can keep it in your handbag for whenever you need it. Just don’t mistake it for the lip balm, okay? Are you forever running out of tampons? Or maybe you have hundreds in your handbag because you’re unsure as to when your next monthly misery is due (guilty!). We are sure that no woman enjoys having sanitary products left in their hand bag for anyone to see. Who would want to know that Aunt Flo is visiting?!

Not only is the menstrual cup convenient for you to use for every period, it’s healthier and extremely more hygienic for you. Tampons are designed with pesticides, dioxins, fragrances and furans that are extremely harmful to your body, not only are they created with these risky toxins, a tampon and sanitary pads job is to absorb. Absorbents in this area can be damaging and can affect your intimate health  causing dryness, irritation, odours and in some cases Toxic Shock Syndrome. These are conditions we want to, and must, avoid.

The Lily Cup Compact cup does just that; instead of absorbing, it collects. Ensuring that you are comfortable with no strings or padding – you will forget that you are even wearing it! And that’s okay, because the menstrual cup is designed to keep you covered for 10 hours. Unlike tampons and sanitary pads, you should change every 4 hours to reduce the risk of intimate discomfort or even Toxic Shock Sydrome.

Its clever design ensures that any woman is able to use the menstrual cup, from light to heavy flow – from first period to menopause. The menstrual cup is made from 100% body-safe medical grade silicone that is soft and flexible; it can even be rolled down to the shape of a tampon making insertion easy! It’s so convenient that you can wear it for 10 hours, worry free – even on your heaviest day.

To ensure that you have the perfect size, the Lily Cup Compact comes in two sizes; A and B. Size A Cups are for those who have not given birth or those who have given birth by caesarean. Sizes B are for those who have given birth naturally, have a weaker pelvic floor.

No wonder 9/10 women who use menstrual cups say they would recommend it to others - they really are the future to pure protection.

Who are Intimina?

Intimina is a Swedish brand that has expert knowledge in feminine hygiene care. Their vision is to make sure that all women; no matter what age or where they are from, are able to easily receive information and solutions that are relating to intimate health care.

Intimina provide reliable, resourceful products and information to benefit women at every stage of life, from first period to beyond menopause. Each product that is created by Intimina is medically researched by their very own Medical Advisory Board.  Intima is the only company that have enlisted a Medical Advisory Board that is formed by gynaecologists, physicians and renowned specialists to offer advice support and products that are professional and significant.

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SKU / Product Code 10454
Brand Intimina
Material 100% Medical Grade Silicone
User Manual View and/or Download the Intimina Lily Cup Compact Product Sheet

View and/or Download the Intimina Lily Cup Compact User Manual
Adjustable Soft, squeezes for easy insertion
Size Size A: 5.7cm x 4.13cm (2.28 Inches x 1.65 Inches) | Size B: 5.7cm x 4.43cm (2.28 Inches x 1.77 Inches)
Washing Instructions Wash with antibacterial soap and warm water. Rinse Well.
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Great must try this! Review by Rosie
Product Rating
So much better than the previous intimidate lily menstrual cup. I purchased one of those and complained to these guys about the shape and design and how it felt and they contacted me and asked me to try this one instead. Delighted with the service here!
This is collapsible , my initial concern was that it might. collapse with fluid in and it get messy and go everywhere, that isn't the case. It is easy to insert and wear, and none of the nipping that inexperienced with their other cup.
Really pretty container means it looks just like a compact in my handbag and I love it. Am an absolute fan and convert to menstrual cups both for me and the e of reasons too. I have heavy periods, got fed up with super tampons drying me out and becoming uncomfortable when I changed them too regularly. The blurb says you can use up to 10 hours, I've used mine for a max of 8 so far and no leaks or problems, they are so easy to use and practical I wish more women shouted about them and got their teenage daughters into them as soon as possible" for someone like me too who is very active, it means I don't have to worry about changing as often say if I am out walking (sometimes we are gone all day)
Absolutely brilliant. Highly recommend and great customer service. Hope this review helps convince other women to try a cup and not get seduced by the tampon industry like I was for so many years. (Posted on 10 January 2015)
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(19 of 19 people found this review helpful)
Nice and small Review by CareBear
Product Rating
I have always hated carrying menstural products in my bag, as i have always felt they are quite large and if i am not careful anyone will see these products in my bag, i bought this as i hoped it would help with being discreet and boy did it, i feel fine carrying this all the time with me even if someone saw the case they wouldn't know what it is, i love the design of the cup and the silicone is absolutely fantastic and very easy to use i would recommend this product to anyone. (Posted on 12 May 2015)
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(8 of 8 people found this review helpful)
attractive and great for day use Review by Raimos
Product Rating
I suffer with endometriosis and in such I have really heavy periods. I use a mooncup and I wanted to buy a new one because the mooncups tend to get stained and odorous after a while. I was a bit dubious about this initially purely because I was not sure that it would hold as much as mu moonsup does, and I was also comparing this one against the femmycycle I like the fact that this one collapses and has a storage compact for day use. So I bought both. I use the femmycycle at night, for that extra flow, but this one is lovely fpr when I am out and about and I have not had any problem with leaks or overflow. So I would recommend both. (Posted on 30 March 2015)
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(7 of 7 people found this review helpful)
So so Review by Butter
Product Rating
I used the size B Lily cup first as other company's size guide recommend for those who over 30 is better to use big size but it just gave me a lot of problems. The result is I bough the wrong size. Size A fits better to me and there was no leaking and didn't interrupt me to pee. I was really frustrated that when I was using the size B I just simply couldn't pee, blood split badly and it was just very difficult to put it in.
After I use size A I felt a lot happier but I still found some problems.
I wouldn't recommend this product for those who are a beginner of menstrual cup. Because it could be folded inside if you don't know what you are doing. It may be fitted oddly. I bought other company's menstrual cup as well as Lily cup size A to find out what is more suitable for me. The other cup is just a common menstrual cup, no special function like this one. With a just simple touch, it unfolds inside easily. On the other hand this Lily cup, you should check rather it has completely unfolded or not by putting your finger around it and it is quite difficult to adjust it inside.
Lastly the blood smell stays. Which is really unpleasant. I washed this with feminine soap and boiled it but still the smell is there.
Folding function is really smart but in my experience that is just all about it.
I hope this is helpful. (Posted on 7 March 2016)
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(6 of 7 people found this review helpful)
Great product- very happy : ) Review by Lotus
Product Rating
I used to use the Moon Cup (the smaller of the two sizes), many moons ago (pardon the pun), but after changing family planning choices, I didn't have a cycle for a few years.

Having made another change, I have recently begun to have a short, regular cycle again but realised I had thrown away my Moon Cup some time ago. I decided to see if there were any other options out there (I thought my Moon Cup was great and would return to using one, but wondered if there were other options now).

I went for the Intimina Lily Cup Compact, size B (I'm not sure my pelvic floor is in great shape, despite not having had children and superficially, I liked the bright pink colour better than the pale). I ordered it a couple of days ago and chose express UPS delivery in the hope that it would arrive in time to get some benefit from it this month. It arrived promptly this morning and I am already sold. When it comes back into stock, I am going to order a couple of spares.

I started using menstruation cups in the past because I kept forgetting to have tampons in my bag, or, not enough to see me through the day. I loved the flexibility of being able to insert the Moon Cup, change it periodically and no longer be worried about being caught out or leaks. It's marginally less convenient to remove, clean and re-insert in public toilets or places, but I used to make sure I did this before leaving the house in the morning, when I returned and I used to try to find toilet cubicles with a wash hand basin inside while out of the house. From what I understand from information freely available, silicone menstruation cups do not pose the same threat from Toxic Shock Syndrome, so, whilst it's not advisable to leave it for a prolonged period with out removing and emptying the cup, I've found that, if the local facilities are not appropriate, it's fine to wait until they are with no health repercussions (only perhaps practical repercussions- the cup can get quite full if left for many hours un-emptied, which can make it a messier process to remove and clean).

With the Moon Cup, the thing I used to find difficult was, that the Moon Cup could take a while to 'break in' in the past, feeling stiff and a bit uncomfortable until the silicone became more flexible.
Also, the Moon Cup is made of a thicker silicone, I found that at times, it pressed on my bladder and limited the flow of pee when I used the toilet- this could feel a bit uncomfortable (none to remove your menstruation cup overtime you need to pee- if it's placed correctly and is comfortable, you can just crack on).

Having used the Intimina Lily Cup (the collapsible version) for a few hours now, I think it's great. It's a softer, thinner silicone, so no issues with breaking it in- it's comfortable straight from the off and for this reason doesn't seem to limit my pee flow or put pressure on my bladder.

It's collapsible and comes with a snap close case, for hygienic and convenient storage (I'd happily buy one just to keep in my handbag now, whereas I definitely wouldn't do this with non-collapsible versions).

I am unable at this point to make any comment about security and leakage issues, as I'm at the end of my cycle now and would need to use it more to be certain. Having said that, if it works as well as the Moon Cup, I would imagine there won't be any issues. Given that it's the end of my cycle now for this month, it's also worth noting that the softer silicone meant that there were no comfort issues with insertion, which I did used to experience with the Moon Cup.

All in all, so far, I'm impressed : ) I would give it 5/5 stars, but as yet, with me not knowing how the leak aspect will pan out, I will return to this review at a later date to see if I can add the last star and make a comment on this aspect.

I've been able to get straight on board with using the Initmina Lily Cup because I was so used to using a menstruation cup in the past- if you're new to the process, bear with it. It can take a little while to get the hang of quick, efficient and correct insertion and removal, but I would say the health benefits, the convenience, leak-free and long-term financial benefits really are worth persevering for. (Posted on 21 September 2016)
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Great to carry, really sort, but other cups more effective Review by KEW
Product Rating
I have used a Mooncup for some years but was attracted by the folding of this cup as other cups don't fit in my tiny handbag easily! The folding and colour is great. It is also really soft and comfortable to insert. However, this softness makes it tricky to get open. It holds less than most other cups so is only suitable for light flow, especially as, due to the design, you end up squashing it during removal. I will be carrying it in my bag and using when my period starts but then switching to my Mooncup. (Posted on 10 February 2017)
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Replaced mooncup Review by Charlotte 8873
Product Rating
I purchased this to replace my old, funky mooncup. I found that after a couple of years use the mooncup discolours and gets a weird funky smell, even though I sterilised it.... This one is very pretty and it folds into the compact for easy storage. Should have bought 2 - one for home one for work, but it is really good, and saves me a fortune.
If you can handle the concept of cups like these, this is spot-on.
Highly recommended. (Posted on 7 April 2016)
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