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Intimina KegelSmart Personal Pelvic Floor Trainer

  1. First it measures, then when KegelSmart vibrates, you contract your pelvic floor muscles
  2. Superior touch sensor technology grades & measures your pelvic floor strength
  3. Automatically adjusts the kegel exercises intensity for your fitness level
  4. Flashing LED light indicates your progress and 3 buzzes signify the end of the exercise
  5. Developed in conjunction with gynaecologists and pelvic floor health experts

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Doing your kegel exercises has never been easier than with the KegelSmart; you simply wait for the vibrations and squeeeeze!

Intimina KegelSmart is creating a real buzz thanks to its innovative touch sensor technology and vibration guided pelvic floor exercises programmes.

When you squeeze against it, KegelSmart grades your pelvic floor strength from 1 (very weak) to 5 (very strong), and automatically selects an exercise routine suitable for your body.

The idea is that you contract your pelvic floor muscles when KegelSmart vibrates, then relax when the vibration stops. Depending on your current pelvic floor muscle strength, KegelSmart will adjust the duration and rhythm of vibrations to the appropriate level for you. This helps you to work your pelvic floor muscles hard enough to tone them up without overdoing it; just like a personal trainer!

Intimina KegelSmart Pelvic Floor Exerciser

KegelSmart has been developed in conjunction with gynaecologists and pelvic health experts to ensure that it provides optimum exercise routines for the best results. Each session provides a thorough and effective pelvic floor workout within just 5 minutes.

You should use it daily to begin with, and once you’ve reached your goal you can maintain by using KegelSmart around 3 times each week.

How do you know when you’ve reached your goal? Well, each time you turn KegelSmart on an LED light flashes to indicate your current exercise levels; one flash is very weak, whilst five flashes is very strong. This helps you to keep track of your progress and is a brilliant way to keep yourself motivated as your muscles improve.

KegelSmart is made from waterproof medical grade silicone and has a gorgeous soft-touch finish to make it really comfortable to insert. A secure silicone loop gives you confidence when removing it, and the whole device is 100% waterproof for complete hygiene and safety.

If this Kegel Exerciser vibrates - is it just a sex toy?

No! The vibration is not only there to guide you through kegel exercises correctly but it also makes the exercise much more effective than ordinary kegel exercises! Initially vibration in strength training was explored in astronauts, as an effort to decrease the loss of muscle and bone mass in space. Later vibration in muscle training has been popular for many top-level athletes and several research programs have documented the effects on muscle strength The idea of using vibration in training pelvic floor muscles works in exactly the same way - your pelvic floor, is a bed of muscles, use it or lose it!

Your guide to the perfect Kegel training routine

In your very first session with KegelSmart kegel exerciser you'll start on level 3 and the touch sensors will measure the amount of pressure you exert on the trainer, so  when you contract (squeeze & lift) your pelvic floor it will be able to interpret your current level of pelvic floor fitness. Genius! We are not all the same and Kegelsmart understands this, so it will help you along on your journey to a stronger pelvic floor. When the Kegelsmart has checked your strength level the program will select the right level for your next kegel exercise session. It will continue to evaluate your strength in every session, ensuring that you are always exercising at the optimal level for you!

How do you use the Kegelsmart pelvic exerciser?

Intimina Kegel Smart Pelvic Toner

  • When you feel the vibration that is your cue to lift and squeeze your pelvic muscles, hold the contraction for the duration of the vibration.
  • When the vibration stops, release your pelvic muscles and relax - this is really important to relax properly.
  • Remember that the resting in between kegel exercises is an important part of the exercise, as it gives your pelvic floor muscles time to recover, when you relax, circulation is restored back into the muscle. Don't hold your breath - breathe normally as you do your routine.
  • Each exercise routine will begin with a Kegel warm-up 0 that is short contract and rest exercises, followed by the main kegel workout of longer contract-rest exercises that are best suited to your personal pelvic floor strength level.
  • You'll feel a series of 3 quick vibrations which signify the end of the exercise routine and the device automatically.turns off.
  • For the best results we recommend you complete a KegelSmart exercise routine daily. Once you have reached your goals, reduce to 3-5 times a week to maintain your new pelvic floor strength. Pelvic floor muscles, just like other muscle groups, require regular exercise to stay toned and in great shape, so KegelSmart should become part of your ongoing exercise routine.

Kegel Exercising is essential for every woman Your pelvic floor is one of the most important muscle groups in your body - because it supports vital internal organs like the bladder, bowel, and uterus and helps them to work properly. If your pelvic floor becomes weak - which it does following pregnancy, childbirth, weight-gain, ageing,  hormonal changes or during menopause Kegelsmart is the quick and easy way to provide targeted exercises that realy work.


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SKU / Product Code 10004
Brand Intimina
Recommended For Pelvic floor exerciser that guides you using vibration for fast effective reults. Fully waterproof, use it while you clean your teeth!
Included Contents KegelSmart, Antibacterial Storage Pouch, Instruction Manual, 1 Year Warranty
Material 100% Body-Safe, Hypoallergenic, Medical-Grade Silicone And ABS Plastic
Power 1 x AAA Battery (Not Included)
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
User Manual View and/or Download the Intimina KegelSmart User Manual
CE Approved FDA Cleared And CE Marked Medical Device
Does Not Include Phthalate And BPA Free
Size 8.3cm x 3.4cm (3.3 inches x 1.4 inches)
Waterproof Yes
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really stylish, and works very effectively, I already notice a big difference. Review by Sharon S
Product Rating
Delighted with this little egg shaped gizmo. It adapts to my strength (which varied throughout the month - been told its to do with hormone levels ;/ and buzzes when the exercises are finished. Quick rinse and its away again - stored in a neat antibacterial bag. Nice touch. really stylish, and works very effectively, I already notice a big difference. (Posted on 14 August 2015)
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(20 of 24 people found this review helpful)
Don't wait! Review by Chrissy
Product Rating
I've had it 6 or 7 months now and it really makes a difference in my life. I was leaking everytime I sneezed, couldn't jump or run without a leak and was feeling miserable. I'm only 48 and had already consulted a physio to assist but this takes the guess work out of it and helps keep me to a routine. I use it in the shower as it's just about the only place I get privacy. Although standing and washing while doing the exercises is not ideal, it is better than forgetting! Very happy with my progress. It was slow at first but I contacted the company and they suggested it was a placement issue. Wearing it a bit lower now (but not sticking out) and that is working to pick up the contractions. My strength is up and down with my cycle and my PF is also sensitive to some coffees and alcohol. But at least I notice these variations now. Be patient and try different placement if you get stuck on a level. (Posted on 19 April 2017)
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(8 of 9 people found this review helpful)

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Can I use the Kegel Smart with a cystocele? I also have vaginal atrophy and am using another product twice a week. I did buy myself a Kegel 8 and then found I couldn't use it with either the other product or the atrophy so I had to sell it on eBay. I don't want to make the same mistake twice as I am a pensioner with little money to spare. I am lazy doing Kegel exercises and though the Kegel Smart might help me with that.