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Intimate Hygiene

Hygiene is important, but intimate hygiene is crucial and you must not use the fragranced shower gels you use on your body on your intimate area. Fragranced products can disrupt your vaginal pH and cause infections such as BV. We have a range of vaginal washes, BV treatment and vaginal swabs so you can keep on top of your intimate hygiene while you smell like the basket of roses and avoid those nasty infections.


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  1. Premeno Duo Vaginal Ovules
  2. Medicine Mama's VMagic
  3. Multi-Gyn Actigel (Previously Bio-Fem)
  4. GYNTIMA Vaginal Suppositories - Menopausa
  5. Premeno Duo Vaginal Ovules 2 x Packs + Single Applicator
  6. GYNTIMA Vaginal Suppositories - Hyaluronic
  7. Multi-Gyn FemiWash
  8. Multi-Gyn FloraPlus (Previously Bio-Fem)
  9. Relactagel Lactate Vaginal Gel
  10. GYNTIMA Intimate Wash Gel
  11. Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash p.H 3.8
  12. GYNTIMA Lubricating Gel
  13. VMagic Feminine Lips Stick
  14. Wellys Reusable Pantyliner
  15. Multi-Gyn LiquiGel
  16. GYNTIMA Vaginal Suppositories - DEO
  17. GYNTIMA Children’s Intimate Wash
  18. Yes Cleanse Intimate Wash Unfragranced
  19. Multi-Gyn IntiSkin
  20. Vaginal or Anal Applicator for Pessaries & Suppositories (3 pack)
  21. Multi-Gyn BV Prevention Pack
  22. VMagic Gentle Femine Wash
  23. Care Diagnostica Viola pH Test (2 in pack)
  24. Vmagic Intimate Skin Balm
  25. Balance Activ BV Vaginal Pessaries
  26. Multi-Gyn Compresses
  27. Yes Cleanse Organic Intimate Wash
  28. DivaWash Menstrual Cup Cleaner
  29. Kegel8 Sitz Bath and Toilet Bidet
  30. Healing Natural Oils H-Jock Itch Formula
  31. Medicine Mama's Sweet Bee Magic Wand
  32. OrganiWipes Cleaning Wipes

Items 1-32 of 43

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