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Ideaworks Non-Slip Swivel Shower Stool

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  1. Non-slip swivel bath seat to help you shower and bathe in safety
  2. Wash without standing on this shower seat; includes a convenient shelf for storage
  3. Rustproof, mold and mildew resistant, sturdy moulded plastic, with slip-proof feet
  4. Ideal for people with difficulty standing or limited mobility, and supports up to 400 lbs
  5. Height Adjustable from 18 inches to 20 inches, slip-proof seat top is 16 inches.

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Bathrooms are the 2nd most dangerous room in the house! Use this swivel bath seat

We've all had times when we'd like to be able to sit down in the shower - say when we are washing our feet, and sometimes we can all get that 'giddy' moment as we bend down and feel a bit woozy in the process. This Swivel Shower Stool enables you to enjoy a shower or bath - for as long as you need in complete safety. Long luxurious showers can be enjoyed, and shower and bath-time can become a pleasure again as you are able to enjoy your shower in safety.

The shower stool swivels a full 360° so you don’t have to twist and strain your lower back or hips, or twist around which could unbalance or destabilise you leading to a fall.

Shower Swivel Stool Lifestyle

Did you know your shower could be a killer?

Falls are a common cause of death in older people, and as we live longer, we need to be able to protect ourselves and minimise hazards in the home. We were surprised to learn that over 1/3rd bathroom falls required a hospital admission, simply because as we get older we have greater difficulties with mobility, vision and balance which makes us more likely to slip and fall.

Researchers filmed people aged 60 years and older who, while fully clothed demonstrated how they use a shower or bath. Out of the 89 participants, over 1/3rd showed difficulties such as 'plonking'  into the bath, or hitting the side of the shower cubicle, or shower tray they entered. Sliding glass doors in showers were a big hazard as users grabbed onto them for balance. One participant had a plastic lawn chair as a bath seat, a particularly hazardous improvisation given the curved shape of a bath. With our swivel stool you'll find that the non-slip feet give extra security and lock in place for stability for use both in a shower cubicle or a bath with shower over..

But wait - it's not just older people who are in danger in a shower or bath. A recent US study by the Centre for Injury Research claimed that more than 43,000 children 18 years and younger in the United States are treated in accident and emergency departments annually for injuries occurring in a bath or shower. After a swimming pool a bath is the second major site for drowning in the home.

Shower in absolute safety - always. Preventing falls and minimising risks is essential!

  • Made from strong sturdy plastic this disabled shower chair can support up to 400 lbs and is the perfect way to prevent a fall in the shower. As more of us choose to live at home in our older age, products like this swivel shower stool become invaluable in helping us to keep independent, but more importantly safe. Its a simple product, but something that no shower should be without.
  • Slip free feet, and a slip proof seat so you won't slip off it when covered in suds
  • The shower stool features a fully adjustable height function ranging from 18 inches to 20 inches
  • Convenient storage shelf underneath the seat to store shampoos, shower gels and loofahs within easy reach - so you won't topple over, or lose your balance reaching for your shower accessories.

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SKU / Product Code 91766
Brand Ideaworks

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Perfect for my Mum who got dizzy in the shower Review by Tracey Morrison
Product Rating
Sturdy and well made, I bought this for my Mum who found she was getting dizzy in her shower. Perfect solution, great idea. (Posted on 3 May 2013)
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(16 of 18 people found this review helpful)
Great product Review by cestrian
Product Rating
I bought this stool for myself as I sometimes have breathing problems and panic a little in the shower. I was impressed by how robust the stool is. I had no problems fitting it together except for positioning the last leg-pin, but that tapped home no problem once the stool had warmed a little. It's a chunky item so takes up a noticable amount of space in the shower, but this also means it is steady and reliable not wobbly like some alternatives. The shelf underneath is also very handy. It has turned showering into a much more pleasurable experience for me. (Posted on 16 May 2013)
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(10 of 11 people found this review helpful)
very sturdy in the shower Review by antiquey
Product Rating
A friend assembled this stool. It is easy enough to follow instructions but the final 3 pins which go into the 3 legs ideally need a wooden mallet to tap them in place. Turn the stool on its side with a leg facing you and tap the pin quite firmly a few times and it will pop into place.
Goods made abroad need more explicit instructions we think !! Very versatile stylish product. (Posted on 2 November 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Good and sturdy as I've got balance problems. Review by Rosser
Product Rating
Found this product fairly easy to assemble but the assembly instruction sheet was a bit faded! I previously had a stool with 4 legs so was a bit concerned about this model only having 3 legs. After trying it out I was more than happy with its stability and the swivel option of the seat was really excellent. (Posted on 19 January 2017)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Sturdy product Review by rd9048
Product Rating
Great product and usefully the top only swivels with user-applied force which in my case helps prevent further injury. It's not that easy to put things on the shelf as the gaps in it are quite big and things keep falling over. (Posted on 19 January 2017)
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Sturdy and stable Review by Mrsscunge
Product Rating
I had been searching for something that would enable me to shower after an ankle fracture and this stool is perfect for use in my corner shower. There is just the right degree of movement on the swivel. I haven't used the shelf underneath as I prefer to see what I'm reaching for, though. (Posted on 25 July 2017)
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Good portable shower stool Review by RosByAnyOthern4me
Product Rating
Lightweight and easy to use. Sturdy to sit on. Feels very safe even though its in plastic. Handy under shelf. Better than my old one by miles! (Posted on 27 July 2017)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
Easy to clean and stable Review by Sittingpretty
Product Rating
The simplicity of design makes it easy to assemble (apart from the last three pins) and easy to clean. Stability gives confidence. Very good value. Advertisiement Illustration should show the third leg to the the fore for safety. I don't use the shelf for tidiness but it gives added confidence - so important. Deserves wider recognition. (Posted on 1 August 2017)
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Looks good Review by Bobbie
Product Rating
Easy to assemble looks strong and stable, not used it yet to see how good it is (Posted on 15 August 2017)
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Excellent. Review by Sweetie
Product Rating
Very study and easy to assemble. (Posted on 7 September 2017)
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Product Questions

We bought a swivel shower stool a few years ago however the feet are starting to disintegrate and new ones are needed. Do you sell replacement rubber feet for the stool? If so, how do I go about ordering them?

Many thanks.
Could you please supply full dimensions
what is the stool made of?
Can you use it in the bath and will it fit into a standard width bath? Thanks
what are the dimensions