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Ideaworks Extra Wide BMI Scale

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  1. Extra wide body composition scales with 15 inch platform which holds up to 250kg (550lbs)
  2. Extra wide bathroom scales for body fat composition, muscle, water content and bone mass
  3. Perfect for tracking your fitness or weight loss journey to keep you on target
  4. Extra-large LCD display with a built-in four person memory
  5. Tap ON feature and automatically shuts off

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SKU: 10548

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Monitor your body composition with these extra wide BMI bathroom scales

Standard bathroom scales are fast becoming a thing of the past. These extra wide body composition scales are the mothership of all scales. Ordinary scales only give you one reading which doesn’t signify a great deal other than your total weight. If you can take into account your body fat, muscle and bone mass you will be much better informed of your current health situation and how to move forward, after all we know when we first go on a diet the one thing we lose is water!.

These scales are ideal for a wide range of individuals and fitness professionals who like to monitor body composition closely. These scales are perfect for coaches, competitive athletes, body-builders, weight loss candidates and many more.

The striking body composition scales feature an impressive 550lb weight capacity and are intricately made from high quality, durable tempered glass. The sleek and elegant design ensures these body fat scales look attractive in any room without looking like clutter.

Ideaworks Extra Wide BMI Scale

BMI methodology

You may be wondering how on earth your BMI scales work. They use a technique called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, or BIA for short and it’s a relatively simple concept. The scales release a very small (completely unnoticeable) electrical current through your body. The current passes quicker through fat free tissues such as muscle and the amount of resistance to the electrical current projects how much fat free mass a person has and their body density composition. The scales use a formula which indicates to them the body fat percentage based on the body density reading.

To achieve the most accurate results you can, try to standardise each test keeping certain variables the same. The best time to hop on the scales would be in the morning before breakfast wearing the lightest clothing possible. Ensure each time you weigh yourself you use the same clothes and perform the measurement at the same time of day.

Your scales will accurately measure your body composition over time and will help keep you motivated as you can keep track over the specific areas of your body.

Top tips for using your new, extra wide BMI scales

  • Measure your progress only. Don’t compare your results to your friends or others because we are all unique individuals.
  • Always measure yourself at the same time of day for each test
  • Skin temperature is a variable when it comes to using your BMI scales, try to ensure you don’t hop on after being out in the boiling sun all day or certainly not after jumping out the shower.
  • Never test after exercising as your hydration levels may be off due to water loss during exercise.

Always thoroughly clean the scales after each use.

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SKU / Product Code 10548
Brand Ideaworks

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Great for tall, larger users like my husband. Review by Philo
Product Rating
Thank you for making an affordable weighing scale that my hubby can use. He really does keep trying to lose weight, but none of the other sets of scales go as high as he needs. It is most frustrating, and ultimately he gives up because he can't tell if his diet is working or not. Finally he knows exactly how he's doing, and it keeps him motivated to continue.The extra wide platform is good because he is 6'5" and has the feet to match! He was initially concerned about the glass, but it hasn't been a problem, most larger people are concerned about 'breaking' things, whether they be rickety chairs or glass scales, it just reinforces to them that they are big :(
Also, our 12 year old weighs herself about 3 times a day because she likes the voice! (Posted on 8 September 2015)
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