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Hot/Cold Water Bottle System Douche/Enema

  1. Hot water bottle combination to soothe cramps, muscular aches and douche/enema use
  2. Includes bottle, stopper, douche and enema syringe system for constipation relief
  3. Use with hot or cold water can also be used for coffee enema etc for detoxing
  4. Easy to fill douche or enema bag with wide opening
  5. Bottle is made with ribbed surface to maintain temperature during heat therapy

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A hot water bottle for all your comforting needs!

This multi-functioning cold and hot water bottle provides therapy anytime, anywhere. North American Healthcare have designed this clever water bottle which can be used not only as a standard hot water bottle to ease aches and pains with heat therapy or keep you warm. It also work as a cold water bottle to be used as a douche or enema.

The cold and hot water bottle is made of strong durable rubber with a ribbed surface for maximum comfort on your cramps, aches and pains. The water bottle has a large 2 quart capacity that can either hold hot or cold water.

See the difference for yourself; try the cold and hot water bottle system and never look back.

What is an enema and how is it beneficial?

The procedure of an enema is to flush out non-eliminated waste that is in the colon; it is an internal bath for your colon. Did you know that the average person can have up to 10lbs or more of waste that hasn’t been eliminated from the large intestine?

We all know that good health keeps us happy and good health starts off in your gut. Drinking plenty of water and having the right balanced diet is essential for proper digestion. The main role of the colon is to take in the water and nutrients from food and eliminate toxins and waste. Over time, the colon walls become coated with waste that has not been removed making your colon walls sluggish and inefficient.  When this happens you can experience irritability, swelling, weight problems, indigestion and stomach pains.

We know that enemas can seem a little… intrusive. But enemas are not all that scary and can be surprisingly more comfortable than you expected. Enemas can help get rid of multiple discomforts such as constipation, backache, bloating and indigestion – just to name a few, there are many more!

The water bottle combination is perfect to help you feel cleansed on the inside and out.

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SKU / Product Code 10436
Brand North American Healthcare
User Manual View and/or Download the Hot/Cold Water Bottle System User Manual
Size Holds 2.27 Litres (2 Quarts)
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Excellent Review by Jo
Product Rating
Shit hot (Posted on 8 February 2016)
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(3 of 6 people found this review helpful)
portable health Review by happy crappy
Product Rating
When on holiday you can get seriously constipated with strange food and strange toilets. I have been on holiday with friends where the topic of conversation was who was still bunged up.
Taking this on holiday ensures the fear of never "going" until you get back home can be lifted and you can enjoy a happy and healthy holiday. (Posted on 13 July 2016)
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whatever happened to this formerly great product? Review by disappointed
Product Rating
I'm from Canada and have been using this type of enema kit for 30 years. Enemas have been an absolute necessity for me. I am so very disappointed with the changes made. The tubing used to be very flexible but is now decidedly stiff and unwieldy. The clamp used to be metal and held closed perfectly. The clamp is now plastic and is next to useless. Why, oh why such ridiculous changes!? Cheaper, I expect. I now own a very nice hot water bottle but what I needed was an enema kit. The design is the best there is in my opinion but quality has gone down the toilet (pun intended because unfortunately using this apparatus, nothing else does). Will have to go back to the poorly designed alternative.

Dear Disappointed
I am sorry about that.
This enema bag is our best seller - it is very effective for colon cleansing and colonic irrigation as well as constipation prevention
Let me know if you would like to try this one instead.
Customer Service Team (Posted on 9 November 2016)
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Great product and service Review by LewLove
Product Rating
Thank you for my purchase. Quick, discrete and well packaged. I'm yet to use it but I have checked it thoroughly and it's a great quality product (Posted on 11 November 2016)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
Very disappointing Review by Fiona
Product Rating
I bought this in September as an enema kit but didn't use it right away unfortunately so may not be able to return but what I received is definitely faulty. Tried to use it twice and failed! The clamp to hold the tubing doesn't work at all. The speculum which has holes in it for the liquid to go through doesn't work either. It was only coming out 2 holes extremely slowly and I was waiting for ages! (Posted on 23 January 2017)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
A very useable package! Review by Ticklemouse
Product Rating
I bought this to replace a similar product that I had used for some time. Its well made and the parts fit together well.
The clamp that controls the water flow is both clever and effective. This will enable me to give myself a good internal cleanse before I play! (Posted on 2 September 2017)
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Does the bottle come with a complete kit for an enema, such as, bottle stopper adapter for connecting a tube/hose, the tube/hose itself with insertable nozzle on the end, and flow tap/clamp... all in the advertized bottle price...