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Heaven Fresh HF86 Personal Ionic Air Purifier

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  1. Personal, portable and compact air purifier
  2. Clears air of germs, dust, mould and pollen
  3. Emits clean, positive ion-rich air
  4. Small, light and easy to use
  5. Perfect for the tube, bus, train or plane

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Heaven Fresh HF 86 Lifestyle

A travel buddy that provides clean, healthy air, just for you.

The Heaven Fresh HF86 Personal Air Purifier is the new and updated version of the HF85. Smaller and lighter than the HF85, it requires just 2 batteries rather than 4 but is just as effective at purifying air of germs and pollutants.

Designed to hang around your neck, this little device pulls in polluted air, filters dust, germs and pollen, and emits clean and pure air filled with healthy positive ions up towards your mouth and nose.

The air we breathe is made up of positive and negative ions; the positive ions attach to airborne molecules such as dust, germs, mould and pollen and causes them to clump together so that we breathe them in in large amounts. Negative ions occur naturally in clean, fresh environments, such as near lakes and out in the countryside. Air purifiers take in air filled with positive ions, filter out pollutants and emit clear air rich with the negative ions that are better for you.

The HF86 is the perfect companion for travelling on public transport where airborne cold and flu viruses are easily transmitted from person to person. It’s also great to use when travelling on aeroplanes where the air conditioning system continuously recycles stale air.

The device has an adjustable neck strap so that you can position it at the optimum location, 20cm beneath the mouth and nose. It has a an automatic turn-off feature after 30 minutes so that the battery is not drained, and the front cover is removable so that you can gently clean the air filter inside every 3 months.


Heaven Fresh HF86 Functions

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SKU / Product Code 92287
Brand Heaven Fresh
Power 2 x AAA batteries (Not Included) - 0.5W
User Manual View and/or Download the Heaven Fresh HF 86 User Manual

View and/or Download the Heaven Fresh HF 86 Brochure
Function Maximum Ion Output: 10,000/cm³ | Active Oxygen Output: 0.015ppm – 0.03ppm
Product Weight 55g (0.12lbs)
Size 9.2cm x 4.9cm x 2.9cm (3.62 Inches x 1.93 Inches x 1.14 Inches)
Product Rating
5 star :
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Total : 2 Reviews
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Inflight air purifyer Review by Don Oliver
Product Rating
I use this when I fly because I was fed up with always coming down with a cold after a flight - especially when I fly long distance as I travel to the US frequently. I have used it on 7 flights so far and no cold or sniffles after the flight - which is a first. (Posted on 2 May 2013)
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(11 of 11 people found this review helpful)
early days but working Review by hebe
Product Rating
only had a week but seems to be working well, have been using when scraping out the pigeons and used to loose my voice and cough lots now can do it without this happening, Easy to wear, light and comfortable. (Posted on 2 May 2013)
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(7 of 7 people found this review helpful)

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Product Questions

What type of battery is used?.
Is it available in rechargeable form?.
My wife and I have used Wein Minimates for over 14 years. Are HF86 at least as good or even better in performance, reliability and build quality?
Ken Davies.
Ref. HF86 ionic air purifier.
Do you have to use essential oils with this air purifier? I cannot use scented or chemical products thank you
Comment. Wow!. ordered 2x HF86. ARRIVED NEXT DAY. Thank you.
It states that "the front cover can be removed to clean the filter".
I assume it is the blue plastic grill, but I cannot move it, please comment.
Thanks once again for the fantastic delivery service, let us hope that the
product performs as well.
Ken Davies.
does it remove pet dander
Does the Haven Fresh HF86 come with a face mask?