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Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF310A Multi-Technology Air Purifier

  1. Multi technology purifiers air removes air pollutants up to 500 square feet
  2. Smart Sensors for ease of use & quiet operation, 5 stage purification process
  3. Advanced purification technologies help you breathe perfectly clean and healthy air
  4. HEPA filter removes 99% of airborne pollutants
  5. Features germicidal UV LEDS to remove harmful pollutants - cigarette smoke, viruses, pesticides

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Purify your home with advanced air purification technology from Heaven Fresh.

The NaturoPure HF310A Air Purifier is one of the most advanced and effective air purifiers on the market. It has a 5-stage purification process which eliminates virtually all pollutants from indoor air, allowing you to breathe perfectly clean and healthy air.

There are a myriad of impurities in our homes which can affect our respiratory systems or cause us to have allergic reactions. Dust, pollen and pet hair are the most common culprits, but other harmful pollutants include cigarette smoke, viruses, pesticides and even airborne detergent particles from the cleaning products we use.

The Heaven Fresh NaturoPure air purifiers are designed to thoroughly filter air to rid it of these pollutants and emit only clean, pure air. It combines four purification technologies in one:

HEPA Filter – This high-tech filter removes over 99% of particles which pass through it. HEPA filters are widely considered the best on the market as they can capture higher volumes of floating particles than standard filters could.

Air Ioniser – Our air is filled with positive and negative ions; negative ions repel other airborne particles whereas positive ions attract other particles. This purifier emits negative ions, effectively breaking up pollutants which have clumped together. This makes it easier for the HEPA filter to remove them, and it helps to remove pollutants even at a distance away from the purifier itself.

Germicidal UV LEDS – Ultraviolet light is clinically proven to destroy microbial particles such as mould, bacteria, viruses and germs. UV lights are often used in the medical field to sanitize equipment and rooms, so you can rest assured that all harmful particles which could cause you illness are removed from the air you breathe.

Activated Carbon Filter – This filter specialises in removing chemicals, gases, odours and smoke. This is ideal if you want to remove odours after cooking or are concerned about chemicals in the air after using cleaning products.

The Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF310A is powerful, covering up to 500 square feet, but whisper-quiet too. The air filters will last up to 2 years without needing to be replaced, and the unit has built-in Smart Sensors which will notify you when the filters need to be replaced.

Heaven Fresh HF310A Functions

Please Note!

If you are purchasing the Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF310A Multi-Technology Air Purifier make sure it is the 310A version shown here, for the added functionality compared to the old style Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF310 that does not feature the smart sensors! We know our buyers like to shop around and we would hate you to be disappointed and get the lower-spec machine!

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SKU / Product Code 92847
Brand Heaven Fresh
Recommended For Multi technology purifiers air removes air pollutants up to 500 square feet including cigarette smoke, viruses, pesticides etc.
Power UK Mains - 55W
Warranty 3 Years Parts and Labour
User Manual View and/or Download the Heaven Fresh HF 310A User Manual

View and/or Download the Heaven Fresh HF 310A Brochure
Function Negative Ion Output: 6million/cm2 | Coverage Area: Up To 40 m2 (430 ft2) | CADR: 165 cfm | Noise Level (dB): Quiet: 22, High: 60 | Removal Rate: Up To 99.97%
Product Weight 5.97 kg (13.16 lbs.)
Size 48cm x 16.8cm x 40cm (18.89 Inches x 6.61 Inches x 15.75 Inches)

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worth the money and has improved my daily life considerably. Review by Davinda
Product Rating
At my whits end I tried this unit in my new house which had a very serious pollution problem. My house has mould and pet dander from previous residents and the windows don't seal properly letting in outdoor air and as I live by a main road I am aware of outdoor pollutants too.
On HIGH setting works very well in my small bedroom (it's about 150 sq ft). Although I can see smog outside, inside smells and feels clean and fresh and I wake up feeling refreshed and not 'bunged up' as if I have a cold. On the high setting you have a strong breeze coming out of the top of the unit, I use the low setting when I go to sleep because it is much quieter, and the HIGH setting does keep me awake, but as soon as I wake I use the the HIGH setting back again to clear as much as possible!

Not as useful in my sitting room as it is approx 550 sq ft - I feel I'd need it on high permanently. I am quite fastidious about this now, and I think it would be better with 2 units in my living room if I had the choice.
The auto feature,means it always stays in the quiet setting and shows the meter a clean air quality which is a good option. Also I found that after running the unit on high for several hours the air quality meter changes from "clean" to "medium". This is a strange result considering one would hope the air to be cleaner after hours of use.

Bottom line is that although its not as feature rich as it seems, it's definitely worth the money and has improved my daily life considerably. (Posted on 3 March 2015)
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Glad I paid that little bit more Review by Rosie
Product Rating
I have asthma, which was why I was willing to pay a bit more than my previous air purifier. Glad I did, air in my bedroom is fresh, and I have 2 dogs (Posted on 11 May 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)

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