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Heaven Fresh HF507 Aroma Luxury Showerhead Water Ioniser (Handheld)

  1. Protect your skin, hair & body from Chlorine damage now
  2. Replaces hand-held shower-head for a luxury lemon-scented, spa-like shower experience
  3. Eliminates chlorine and injects water with vitamin C and negative ions
  4. Leaves hair soft, smooth and healthy and skin nourished and revitalised
  5. Uses 25% less water too

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Enjoy an aromatherapy and chlorine free shower for healthier hair and skin.

The elegant Heaven Fresh HF507 Aroma Luxury Shower Head Water Ioniser replaces your existing shower head, simply attaching to the hose, to deliver a chlorine-free shower bursting with negative ions, vitamin C and a relaxing lemon aroma.

The Heaven Fresh HF507 Shower Head has real spar qualities for a shower like no other; delivering additional moisture and vitamin C to your hair and skin and all-in-all leaving you feeling revitalised.

Removing 98% of chlorine found in tap water, the Heaven Fresh HF507 Aroma Luxury Shower Head Water Ioniser purifies water and injects over 400,000 negative ions before it is released. The results of this purification will be apparent in the condition of your hair; soft, smooth, glossy and healthy.

The Heaven Fresh HF507 also adds vitamin C to the water, equivalent to 3,000 lemons, essential to healthy skin. What’s more, the clever design of the Heaven Fresh Luxury Shower Head breaks water molecules down to extremely small clusters for easy absorption to the skin, moisturising skin on a deeper level.

Cleverly concealed within the shower head you will find a replaceable aroma-vita gel filter which delivers busts of lemon freshness as you shower and lasts for up to 10,000 litres of usage. Replacement filters are available in either lemon or lavender.

Heaven Fresh HF507 Lifestyle

What's so bad about chlorine in water?

Luckily our bodies filter out much of the chlorine placed in our drinking water - chlorine is added to our drinking water to 'clean' and disinfect' it. However who would have thought that taking a shower could be bad for us? Have you ever noticed a strong chlorine smell while you take a bath or shower? We inhale this - and it is potentially harmful especially in the close confines of a shower cubicle!  Research shows that the cancer risk associated with chlorinated water may actually be because of showering and bathing, rather than drinking it.

Vitamin C makes your hair and skin glow!

One way to protect your body from the dangers of chlorine is by using a concentrated solution of vitamin C. Heaven Fresh HF507 Aroma Luxury Shower Head injects not only a refreshing lemon fragrance, but Vitamin C to combat the harmful effects of the chlorine in turn boosting your skin and hair condition. It is important to filter chlorine out of your shower because chlorine has the ability to burn the tips of your hair off, and it contributes to hair loss on your head. If exposed to chlorine on a regular basis (how many showers do you take a day?) your hair will dry out, resulting in an increase of split and bleached/damaged ends.

The chlorination of water also disrupts the complex electronic structure responsible for colour (we know how damaging it is to swimmers hair) as well as breaking down the proteins in your hair. If you are suffering with hair loss or thinning hair - the first thing you should consider is replacing your shower head because it is a contributory factor to the deterioration of the remaining hair, it will make it brittle and break. If your hair is permed, chlorine will relax the hair contributing to poor condition and increased hair damage.

This Heaven Fresh HF507 is easy to install; simply replace the shower-head of your existing hand-held shower. Made from the highest quality ABS material ensures its durability. The environmentally-friendly (and water bill friendly!) design uses 25% less water whilst maintaining a water pressure 1.5 times higher than your regular shower head.

Make shower time your time, with a relaxing spa-like treat at home.

Heaven Fresh HF507 Functions

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SKU / Product Code 82460

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Cuts Chlorine - A Must! Review by Ray
Product Rating
I switched to using a chloring-free shower head after I started to lose my hair and I was recommended by a tricologist to filter chlorine out of my shower. I have now purchased this one for my girlfriends home for when I shower there.
Chlorine damage to hair - not only in swimming pools (I don't swim) must never be underestimated and sadly we find out when the damage is done! (Posted on 20 August 2014)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Very good Review by JLM
Product Rating
A must for all blondes! This makes a difference to my hair colour it makes the colour I use last a lot longer, without it fading and changing shade. Nice fragrance, made me realise how many chemicals are in a simple shower. (Posted on 10 February 2014)
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