Heaven Fresh HF200 - Ionic Air Purifier & Ioniser

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  1. Ioniser air purifier to keep your room clean, fresh & comfortable
  2. Filterless ionic air purifier to remove air pollution
  3. 17 high density stainless steel needle points producing optimum negative ions level
  4. Produces negative ions (the good-guys!)
  5. Easy to clean, energy efficient air-pollutant remover
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Make the air in your home clean, safe and pollution free with the Heaven Fresh Ionic Air Purifier

Now you can with the Heaven Fresh Ionic Air Purifier. We are sure you go to great lengths to clean your house, your car and your clothes but what about the air that you breathe? How clean is that? Surprisingly not very! The air in your home which you are breathing in every day is polluted with air fresheners, scented candles and various other chemicals which are in fact poisonous and bad for your health.

Increasing your oxygen uptake

The incredibly effective Heaven Fresh Ionic Air Purifier and Ioniser will keep a regular sized room fresh and full of those beneficial negative ions, freeing the air from those harmful pollutants. If you suffer from allergies or asthma then you will begin to notice the difference in only a few days. Usually the air indoors contains low levels of negative ions; however take a trip to the country and you'll find 10 times the amount of negative ions. This clever little gizmo from Heaven Fresh produces loads of negative ions, which then bind with airborne pollutants to remove them from the air that you breathe - there - doesn't that sound like a real breath of fresh air? You won't have to change or replace the air filter - state of the art stainless steel dust collector plates do the job of filtering and you whip them out, clean them, and then reinsert them back again. The Heaven Fresh HF200 Air Purifier features 17 high density stainless steel needle points - designed to produce optimum levels of those beneficial negative ions. This energy efficient IAir Purifier & Ioniser is an effective and affordable way to combat indoor air pollution and will give you many benefits.

On a cellular level, it is thought that Negative ions increase the cells capabilities of transporting oxygen. The more oxygen that gets delivered to your body means better overall health. Your body will be able to heal quicker and you will be able to fight off ailments faster.


Improves your mood and keeps you alert

Research has proved that negative ions help to regulate the brain chemical serotonin; irregular levels of serotonin can cause depression, anxiety, mood disorders and SAD. Negative ion technology is used in the army and military to keep crews alert.

Combats asthma and allergies

Tired of waking up with streaming eyes or a bad case of the sneezes? Cleaning the air of pollutants can have a profound effect upon those who suffer from respiratory allergies as the air they are breathing in becomes purer there is less stimulus to aggravate an allergic or asthmatic reaction.

Eliminate smoke, dust, pollen and odour

Negative ions purify the air by fixing to the positive ions in the air making them too heavy to stay elevated thus dropping to the ground where normal cleaning activity can eliminate them from your home. Say goodbye to dust pollen and nasty odours.

Don't let the negative effects of indoor air pollution effect you any longer and take action today! No matter what your reason is for using an air purifier the benefits are profound and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Enhance your quality of air and subsequently your quality of life.

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