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Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger AK900 Water Ioniser and Purification System

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  1. Ionises to create alkaline water for superior health benefits
  2. Water ioniser with large LCD colour display
  3. Self cleaning with low power consumption
  4. 12,000 litre filter life with replacement indicator
  5. 3 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee!

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Order on the phone: Call 01482 496931, quote SKU: 82461

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The Heaven Fresh AK900 Water Ioniser produces healthy, ion energised, crystal clear water as if fresh from a spring

Heaven Fresh AK900 Aqua Charger FamilySurely, the objective of every person alive on this planet is for a healthy, long life full of vitality, well being and vibrancy; to remain beautiful, and to certainly slow down the effect of ageing!

Now you can replicate fresh, pure, energised mountain stream water with the Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger AK900 Water Ionizer and Purification System. In the Orient this is known as 'anti ageing' water, simply because this ionised water has the ability to aid in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to trillions of body cells and the ability to flush out waste and toxins.

The Heaven Fresh AK900 alkaline water machine adjusts the pH level of your drinking water to produce healthy alkaline water full of Hydoxyl ions. The ionisation process utilises five platinum-coated titanium electrodes to maintain very precise pH and ORP (oxidation reduction potential). The flat 6.2cm x 19.2cm dimensions of the electrodes creates a surface area of more than 960 sq cm, speeding up the ionisation and purification process.

Water of this state is a powerful antioxidant, neutralising free radicals which can cause diseases, ageing, cancer and more. Water is so easily absorbed into the body, ionised water makes for a very powerful source of antioxidant.

Our bodies are designed to be alkaline but with today’s living, especially in children and young adults, our diet can be very acidic. Soft drinks, fast food and processed foods deposit acid waste in our bodies which builds up over time creating the ideal environment of disease to thrive; consumers of high sugar intake such as children are of particular risk.

Did you know, if your body is too acidic you could be vulnerable to major life-threatening illness?

Acids ‘degenerate’ life making the body vulnerable to all manner of diseases, beginning with cancer. Other symptoms associated with high acidic levels in the body are:

  • High blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease
  • Aching muscles
  • Diabetes
  • Uric acid stones
  • Osteoporosis
  • Water retention
  • Body odour
  • Constipation
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Obesity
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Diarrhoea
  • Regular common colds
  • Migraines

All water looks the same, but on a microscopic level it is shown that ionised water contains molecule clusters of around half the size of those within normal tap water. These smaller molecule clusters are easier for the body to absorb making ionised water far more hydrating to your body inside and out and a great detoxifier.

The Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger uses a multi-stage filter like many ionisers; however, the Aqua Charger AK900 can automatically adjust ioniser and alkalinity levels at very high or very low rates of water flow, something few other ionisers can do. That means less waiting time for your purified water.

It is stylishly designed with a large colour screen and equipped with platinum coated titanium ionising plates as well as a 3-stage 1 micron filter with a 12,000 litre life-span. Water can be graded to 7 different levels for various uses depending on your needs each time you turn on the tap.

The Aqua Charger can be installed at home without any professional help and comes with comprehensive instruction.

Imagine drinking water from a natural stream in the comforts of your own home; water that has not been altered by the modern world – pure, delicious and satisfying. Now you can.

Customer Reviews of the AK900 Aqua Charger

"This Aqua Charger Purifier is what I've been looking for. The water tastes much better than any other purifier we've used before. No hassle in keeping water supply.... Great buy." - Elizabeth Moore

"The AK-900 was very easy to set up and fulfil. The unit starts filtering very slowly but after you reach 4-5 fill ups it works very quickly.  The water is excellent after it has been through the AK-900. I would highly recommend this water filter system - and without hesitation. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase and especially since I do not now have to purchase bottled water from the supermarkets." - Kristen

"Easy to set up and it doesn’t take a lot of time to clean all the parts. The water tastes better than bottled water - and I know where it has come from.  My AK-900 system tells me when it needs cleaning.  Who knows where the store water has come from and when their system was last cleaned! The first batch took us all day to organise and put away - but it will and does get faster the more water you put through the unit." - Antonio T

"My family and I love this water purification system. Everything that is said it will do. The price was great...  Water tastes great... in fact, I bought one extra for my parents, they have noticed the huge difference. You have to buy one to find out the real difference in the taste of the water!" - Bruce Conner

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger for any reason, we will give you a full refund when returned to us within 30 days.  All we ask is that the unit is returned to us in its original packaging.

Should you need to make use of this guarantee, please give us a call for further information on our return procedure.

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SKU / Product Code 82461
Brand Heaven Fresh
Material Electrodes: High Quality Platinum Coated Titanium
Power UK Mains - 100W - 200W
User Manual View and/or Download the Heaven Fresh AK900 Brochure

View and/or Download the Heaven Fresh AK900 User Manual
Function ORP Range: 400 Negative (-) ~ 680 Positive (+) Milli Volts | pH Levels: Max. pH 10 | Electrode Surface: 800cm2 | Filter Life: Approx. 12,000L | Standard Filter: 3 Stage & 1 Micron Filter | Cleaning System: Automatic | Output Flow: 4 Litres/min
Product Weight 2.95kg (6.5lbs)
Size 31cm x 27cm x 13.75cm (12.4 Inches x 10.8 Inches x 5.5 Inches)

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Replacement part Review by Ed
Product Rating
Hi, I have ak-900 machine, very happy with it. I need to replace the inlet water tube though, do you have it thanks. Ed

Hi Ed
We don't have this spare, but I have just spoken with HeavenFresh the UK supplier and they have spares. Please contact them directly. and they will be able to help you. please call them free on 0800 952 9962
Here to help
Customer Care Team (Posted on 31 October 2016)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger AK900 Water Ioniser and Purification System Review by Elo
Product Rating
I am very happy with the machine. It is easy to install and has lots of excellent settings. The machine looks well, it is white and neat. Delivery was also quick! Would highly recommend! (Posted on 4 April 2013)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
Water purification Review by Paul G
Product Rating
Best price on line and arrived next day. Good service. very happy with this product. Have had one before so set up was not a problem. (Posted on 18 December 2014)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
a replacement filter Review by Nat
Product Rating
Hi, we bought your product HEAVEN FRESH AQUA CHARGER WATER IONIZER, now we need a replacement filter a.s.a.p. Would you be so kind and help, please.

Dear Nat
We are contacting you, we will get you a replacement no problem! We need your e mail address please.
Customer Care Team Leader (Posted on 8 December 2015)
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Are the plates solid or mesh and if solid please send proof etc.

i would like to purchase one of these units, but where would you get a replacement filter when you need one and what is the cost.
what is the power supply 110 or 240v and also does the process remove fluoride the details of what is removed by this
item are vague considering the hefty price.