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Exercise Equipment

Browse our range of home fitness equipment. These fitness accessories will help you turn your house into your own personal gym! By using home exercise equipment you can save yourself a huge amount of money and time, exercising whenever you want to with no need to try and fit in travelling to the gym and back. From the latest inventions like vibrating plates to classics like exercise bikes, this home fitness gear is all you need to transform your body and health!

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  1. Sitting Stepper
  2. Invertmate Inversion Therapy Table
  3. Lanaform Luxury Vibrating Plate
  4. Sissel Hang Up Inversion Table
  5. Sissel Hand Grip Strengthening Device
  6. Pedal Exerciser
  7. Sissel Exercise Ball Stackers Set
    Special Price £22.99 Regular Price £59.99 Save: £37.00 (62%)
  8. Sissel Securemax Exercise Balls
  9. Deluxe Home Exercise Bike
  10. Sissel Exercise Ball Stabiliser
  11. Foot Rocker
    Out of stock
  12. Sissel FitBand Exercise Band
    As low as £9.99

12 Items

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