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Weighing Scales

That which gets measured gets monitored! As much as we all dread them; bathroom scales are essential, and boy, do we have a range for you! Believe it or not your weight isn’t just about body fat; your weight is also your bone mass, water and muscle and they are a vital aid to staying healthy and avoiding health problems. So if you’re trying to lose weight, or just trying to stay healthy you need to know if its body fat you are losing! Our range of bathroom scales can give you an all over body weight analysis or if you just want to keep it simple; we have those too!

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  1. Beurer BY80 Baby Scale
  2. Beurer Baby Scale BY80 + Pacifier Thermometer BY20
  3. Soehnle Professional Baby Scale with Fold Function
  4. Extra Wide Talking Scale
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  5. Beurer BF 850 Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale
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