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Bowel Problems

Even though we can’t see them; it can have an effect on how we feel. If we are suffering with bowel problems such as haemorrhoids or constipation; we feel, well, miserable! We’ve got the most effective haemorrhoid treatments and the marvellous squatty potty to keep your bowels moving and healthy.

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  1. Squatty Potty Adjustable Set 2.0
  2. Go Better Folding Toilet Stool
  3. Go Better Toilet Stool
  4. Squatty Potty Porta-Squatty
  5. VuVatech Non Magnetic Rectal Dilator Set
  6. Healing Natural Oils H-Hemorrhoids Formula
  7. HemaPro Cream - Hemorrhoid Treatment
  8. HemaPro Capsules- Prevent Hemorrhoids
  9. HealthAid Colonease Plus
  10. ZeoBent Med Ultra-Fine Powder
  11. Rectocele Realignment Vaginal Splinting Device
  12. Re-Lax Toilet Stool
  13. Squatty Potty Ecco
    As low as £27.00
  14. Healing Natural Oils H-Fissures Formula
    As low as £25.99
  15. Care Diagnostica Bowel Health Care Test
    Out of stock
  16. Peristal Hemorrhoid Massager
    As low as £22.99
  17. Squatty Potty Slim with Teak Finish
    Out of stock
  18. HemaPro Pack - Treat and Prevent Hemorrhoids
    Out of stock
  19. Pressure Relieving Gel Toilet Pad Commode Seat
    Out of stock
  20. Zeolite Med Detox Capsules
    Out of stock
  21. ZeoBent Med Detox Powder
    As low as £22.00
  22. Bentonite Med Detox Powder
    As low as £12.00

22 Items

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