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Healing Natural Oils H-Gout Formula

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  1. Oil to give immediate relief from gout pain
  2. Relief from stiffness, inflammation and discomfort
  3. Fast acting remedy that is gentle and soothing
  4. 100% natural and gentle on your skin
  5. FDA listed & manufactured in the USA

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Treat gout pain naturally with Healing Natural Oils

Suffering with gout can be tremendously painful, causing sudden and severe pain that makes joints swell and skin turn red. Medicinal treatment for gout can be expensive and sometimes can cause uncomfortable side effects from the ingredients involved. Healing Natural Oils have created H-Gout – a natural remedy for gout that aids in relieving pain using only ingredients that are 100% natural and  gentle for your skin.

Apply a small amount of the natural gout treatment three times a day on the affected area to receive the immediate relief you’ve been waiting for.

What is gout?

Healing Natural Oils gout

Gout is a form of arthritis that affects 1.4% of all adults in the UK, mainly affecting more men than women. Gout occurs when the joints are surrounded by sodium urate crystals causing sudden severe pain alongside swelling and redness. A gout attack can occur quickly and symptoms develop fast, lasting between 3-10 days, the symptoms are at their worst within 6 to 24 hours.

Gout is caused by an accumulation of uric acid in the blood. Uric acid is a waste product that is produced by the body every day and is removed every day mainly through the kidneys. Too much uric acid can also lead to crystals being formed in the kidneys.The hands and feet are where gout mainly occurs due to the temperature being lower compared to the rest of the body, the next most common places are in the knees and elbows. It is very rare that gout can affect shoulders, hips, neck and back as these are much closer to the body.

What are the causes of gout?

Otherwise known as the “rich man’s disease” or the “disease of kings”, gout is often caused by a poor diet and lifestyle, genes or medication.

Diet is the most common cause for gout; food and drinks that are high in purines, sugar and fats can lead to high cholesterol and gout. If you suffer with gout, it is advised that you avoid high-purine and high-protein foods. It is also recommended that you cut out alcohol, sugar, smoking and change these habits into exercising regularly, having a sensible sleeping pattern and diet that is healthy.

If you suffer with high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, high levels of fat and cholesterol or having osteoarthritis, your risk of developing gout increases. Alongside, certain medication can increase the uric acid levels in your body like diuretics (water tablets) or any treatment that is used to treat high blood pressure or high cholesterol such as niacin.

Why should you choose Healing Natural Oils H-Gout?

Natural remedies for gout are hard to find and expensive, Healing Natural Oils have crafted the perfect solution to provide immediate relief from gout pain and inflammation which is also natural and cost effective. For more than a decade, Healing Natural Oils’ mission has been to provide products that are only produced by using natural oils extracted from plants and the highest quality of homeopathic ingredients that are never tested on animals. Their mission is to protect and nurture our planet for future generations.

The formula in H-Gout uses homeopathic ingredients to give pain relief for gout, safely and gently, without using any chemicals or ingredients that could be harmful. The homeopathic ingredients used in H-Gout is an FDA listed natural product, created in a GMP Facility (good manufacturing practices). This product contains exceptional homeopathic ingredients combined with natural essential oils extracted through plants.The active ingredients are added so they can begin to work immediately when the formula is applied. Arnica Montana is a muscular tonic that is in the H-Gout Formula, along with Rhododendron, which is specific to gout inflammation in the toes.

(Please note this formula is for external use only and is not to be digested; the natural gout treatment should not be used by pregnant or nursing mothers.)

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