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HappyLegs The Seated Walking Machine


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  1. HappyLegs seated walking machine helps to improve circulation
  2. Exercise device provides gentle exercise for those who spend a lot of time sitting down
  3. Relieves numbness, cold and aching muscles
  4. Use every day for 30 minutes for rapid results
  5. 3 different speeds to suit any user

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Go for a walk in the comfort of your own chair; the HappyLegs Walking Machine stimulates muscles and improves circulation!

HappyLegs The Seated Walking Machine

Life wasn’t meant to be lived sat down; but accidents, illness and work requirements are simply out of our control so that the majority of us have to spend our lives sedentary. If you are either desk bound or have limited mobility, it’s important to keep your legs moving. If you often find that you get pins and needles in your legs when you’re sat down or you often experience numbness in your feet, this could mean that your blood flow is poor and you need to improve circulation rapidly. The HappyLegs Walking Device does exactly that; it provides a gentle and consistent exercise for those who spend a lot of their time sat down, whilst making sure no damage is caused to knee joints or ankles.

HappyLegs was designed with ergo therapy in mind; the continuous and soft movements help to improve circulation and increase the blood supply to injured areas of the legs and feet, promoting muscle stimulation and repair that is natural. Not only does the walking machine move your legs, it gently massages your feet to relieve numbness in those little piggies. You only have to use it every day for 30 minutes and you will notice a rapid difference; all you need to do is pop your feet onto the device and let the machine do the walking for you, you can choose from three different speeds to suit your liking – the only difficult part about using this device is finding a comfortable spot to sit in!

You can use this wherever you need it most; if you spend the majority of your time at home or at work, pop the HappyLegs walking machine by your sofa or under your desk and let the machine do the walking. It runs extremely quietly so you can use it while you’re sat watching your favourite programme, reading your book or focussing hard on writing up the perfect presentation – HappyLegs won’t disturb you, only provide the best care for your pins.

HappyLegs Diagram

Why YOU need to exercise

Yes – we all know how important exercise is; and a lack of exercise will damage your health not only physically but mentally too. Staying seated for long periods of time creates disadvantages that right  may not be a problem now, but later in life can be detrimental. So what’s the answer – MOVE MORE! If you’re unable to go for a brisk 30 minute walk, then let us bring the walk to you.

Some of us spend a horrific 19 hours a day  being inactive; think about it, sleeping, driving to work, sat down at a desk, driving back, eating tea, watching TV and back to bed. Unfortunately, it all adds up. We are all aware that it is a small single hour that is recommended for daily exercise – but if you’re unable to do so, whether it’s due to mobility or you are just too tired after work, the HappyLegs seated walking machine will aid in allowing you to reach your recommended daily exercise.

Improving your fitness whilst you are at work

HappyLegs Lifestyle

Along with using the HappyLegs seated walking machine every day, you can also adopt a few more habits to help lower your risk of developing health problems in the future. Did you know that even though your office chair provides you with back support and a cushioned seat that you can still result in having an unhealthy posture? Yep – that’s right! If you want to improve your posture, try sitting on a yoga ball or a stool that will force you to sit up straight rather than relying on support for your back. Also, if you choose to sit on an exercise ball you’ll get the added benefit of toning your abdominals, back muscles and improving your balance – a win, win if you ask us!

For your lunch break, do you sit at your desk scrolling through your news feed and what’s popular in the news? This sort of “lunch break” will not help your physical health; a slow five minute walk around the office or taking a trip to get your lunch will really benefit you by improving blood circulation and reduce swelling. Not only will 15 minutes from your desk help your physical health, it can also help to boost concentration and improve energy levels – constantly sitting, staring at the screen throughout your “lunch break” in fact reduces your creativity levels. Tell that to your boss!

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SKU / Product Code 10646
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A good buy Review by Miss J P
Product Rating
Bought this for my mum who has ms and she uses it for about half an hour twice a day. She says that after just one week she can really tell a difference. (Posted on 11 May 2015)
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Product Questions

I have recently broken my Happy legs remote control. Anyone know where I can get a replacement?
I have a Happy Legs machine which I purchased from you the machine works but at only one speed as the remote makes no differance new batteries fitted any clues please
Regards Dennis Ferrell
Is this machine any good for water retension
is this machine any good for M.S.sufferss