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HairMax Prima 7 LaserComb

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  1. HairMax LaserComb Prima 7, proven to slow and even reverse hereditary hair loss!
  2. Hair loss treatment; 7 lasers promotes growth, increases density and revives follicles
  3. Clinically proven – over 90% of participants experienced significant hair growth
  4. Just 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week will give you fantastic results!
  5. Unique comb design is simple to use and allows the laser to reach far more follicles

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The Prima 7 LaserComb stimulates and revives hair follicles

Thinning hair and hereditary pattern baldness affects men and women of all ages; as it is genetic, many people just give in and accept the changes to their appearance, but there are steps you can take to slow down and even reverse the loss of your hair! The market is flooded with products that just plain don’t work, but HairMax products use technology that has been clinically proven to increase the thickness, growth and amount of hair follicles. The Prima 7 laser hair comb is even able to revive dormant follicles, reversing hair loss!

Who is the Prima 7 LaserComb for?

The HairMax Prima 7 laser comb for hair loss can be used by both men and women to treat slow growing hair, thinning hair and baldness from hereditary causes. The chart below shows the Ludwig-Savin and Norwood Hamilton classification systems that are used to show degrees of hair loss. The examples shaded in blue are good candidates for treatment with the LaserComb:

 hairmax baldness scale

hairmax folliclesRevolutionary laser technology

HairMax devices use photo bio-stimulation; laser energy is transferred into the hair follicle, stimulating the roots and encouraging growth. This even works on follicles that have begun to shrink and die off, encouraging them to transform back into healthy hair. The comb design means that the maximum amount of light can reach the follicles as the teeth of the comb part the hair during treatment, making it much more effective than other laser hair therapy devices that simply sit on top of the hair. The HairMax LaserComb is the first and only laser phototherapy device to be cleared by the USA’s Federal Drug Administration as suitable for treatment of pattern hair loss. This offers assurance that the LaserComb has been declared both effective and safe.

Clinically proven to increase hair growth and density in men and women

There have been seven clinical studies on the HairMax LaserComb, all at major research centres such as the University of Minnesota. The studies divided participants into groups, with one group using the LaserComb and a control group using a fake device. Over 93% of participants who used the genuine LaserComb experienced significant increases in hair growth and thickness within 26 weeks, with an average increase of 139 hairs per square inch!

hairmax before after

Using your Prima 7

You should use your Prima 7 for 3 times a week on evenly spaced days – for example on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Each treatment takes only 15 minutes and many users see results after only 16 weeks.

  1. Press the power button to turn the Prima 7 on, then press the laser button until it lights up
  2. Place the LaserComb onto your scalp so that both rows of teeth are touching the skin
  3. Starting at your hairline, slowly comb the LaserComb through your hair, pausing for 4 seconds every 1cm. This allows the laser time to fully stimulate your hair follicles. The comb will beep and vibrate every 4 seconds so you know when to move it
  4. Lift the LaserComb and repeat with a new section, carrying on until you have covered your whole scalp from front to back and then side to side over 15 minutes

Which HairMax device is right for me?

hairmax comparison

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SKU / Product Code 11618
Brand HairMax

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